A tribute: 2011 Food Production Interns

A tribute: 2011 Food Production Interns

November 10, 2011 Food Production Permaculture 0

Every year, loads of people move through the Ecovillage. Some stay a day, some a week, some 6 months and some decide to stay. The 2011 Gardeners stayed anywhere between 3 and 6 months (One is still here. Heya Kirk!) and left an indelible mark on the village: Delicious fresh produce, canning yet to be enjoyed, pretty gates, caring for livestock, tending to the harvest… You worked hard. You completed the Permaculture Design Certificate, the Organic Master Gardener and the Growing Food course… and helped to throw some pretty great parties, not to mention putting on big crazy events here at the village.

You all have touched so many hearts and the heart of this land. You’ll be remembered! Jorden (J Dawg) Leighton, Jeff Maciejko, Joe Blackburn, Irina Cividino, Kirk Schlesinger, Brenda Bernhardt and Jeremiah Bain….

Cheers to Erica Breau, Daryl Christiansen, Jorden Leighton for letting my use your photos without asking. Love you guys!


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