A Week of Ecovillage!

A Week of Ecovillage!

July 9, 2012 Uncategorised 0

So it turns out community hours can be made up by blogging! (Thanks Hassaan) So here it goes–my first blog after a full week at the Ecovillage. First of all, I should admit that I’m at home right now for my two days off. I live a couple hours drive away from the village (in Qualicum Beach) and my grandmother who lives nearby happened to be coming up island so I tagged along.

I can’t deny it’s pleasant to be inside a completely dry room with a cosy warm bed tonight. Nonetheless, my week of tenting on the village has been reasonably comfortable despite the drawbacks of fighting off the residue of some weird virus and the rainy weather, both which have invaded Vancouver Island in an untimely and extensive fashion. Anyhoozle… life goes on; especially when living onsite. I arrived Wednesday afternoon and hit the ground running. ‘Nema North’ camp (pretty sure I was pronouncing it wrong all week) got there the same day as me so I jumped into the kitchen that evening with Sara (a wonderful gal) to help out with preparing to feed the new abundance of (musical) mouths. I soon learned that there is always a million things (or as Khaya and Fiamma would say, a billion jillion kadillion… infinity) things going on around here and always room to help out and participate. At dinnertime, I tried to decipher everyone’s mysterious roles. “And what are you doing here?” I asked many times. Gardening, building, learning, teaching, cooking, kid-care, volunteering, administration, marketing, etc. Not to mention an influx of musicians ready to rock out on the marimbas/imbiras in Zimbabwean style for five days. I was a little lost (and still am) but have begun to understand a little better how this whole operation works.

The second realization I had was that I was surrounded by beautiful, passionate and interesting people who have been showing me the ropes and I feel pretty lucky to be spending a good chunk of summer here. Most of my time here has spent doing childcare but I feel as if I’ve dipped my toes into such a diverse range of activities and I’m looking forward to exploring more. (I really want to milk Bossy, the cow!) The week has been filled with challenges and wonderful experiences but I think I’m supposed to keep this short so I won’t go into too much detail for now! I am super excited to be heading back Friday morning with some clean laundry hehe. Hopefully more to come later!

By: Madeleine Dwyer


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