Always more to the story: GMO Alfalfa

Always more to the story: GMO Alfalfa

Posted on: February 4, 2011

A couple of days ago I posted this article from the Organic Consumers Association, and last night a colleague of mind sent me this Huffington Post article by Gary Hirshberg – Chairman, President and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm. Reading the two articles clarified just how there really are two or more sides to the same story. The article from the OCA kind of says that the big name organic companies like Stonyfield and Wholefoods sold their souls to the USDA (although not quite as blatantly as other sources I found), while the Stonyfield article helped me understand how the ruling to remove the banning GMO crops from the table had nothing to do with the ‘Organic Elite’ companies. Note to self, dichotomous words like ‘Organic Elite’ used together is a tip off that what follows might be biased.

I realize that this is one of the main reasons I find it so hard to engage in the GMO issue: who and what do I believe? To even begin to get to some measure of truth I need to get to know more than just what is happening; I need to know who is talking, and where they come from, both past and present. After all, as my colleague pointed out, some people play for both teams – Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the USDA, for example, has, according to this GENET article, been a big supporter of GMO crops in the past. I realize every human has their opinions, but a history of outright support for GMOs makes me wonder if Tom might be a little bias in the way he functions in his role?

And even funnier… the OCA article was also printed in the Huffington Post. Clearly it’s time to dive a little deeper.


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