August Building Update

August Building Update

Posted on: August 10, 2018

By Elke Cole


Staying cool ….and composting toilets


In German the name for this time of year is “Hochsommer”, it translates to “high summer” and that’s what it feels like when the days are hot, the grass is parched and people have holidays on their minds. OUR building team has been fortunate to be working in a cool cob house completing the plaster work that was started under the guidance of Athena Steen. The workshop was packed with information and gave us new and strengthened relationships. One of my personal highlights was learning a sculpture/browncoat mix that doesn’t require measuring ingredients. Email me at if you’re curious.

Moving into the second half of summer we’re focusing on the next steps for our new building project. This will include pouring earthen floors, installing insulation, and many small tasks for the woodworkers. Just in time a new volunteer who is a cabinet-maker from Germany has joined us for a few weeks. If you’re into finishing and have skills we’d love to bring you on board. Please apply by visiting Our Volunteer Page

Are you facing water shortages seasonally? Or looking at changing your septic system? Perhaps you’re thinking about a Tiny house? As composting toilet are now a legal option in BC this could help solve these issues. Join us in our Upcoming Composing Toilet Workshop with Gord Baird. Let us know you’re coming with our Facebook Event

In one weekend you’ll get the theory and some practical on options, legal issues and science to build your own system. It’s not difficult to do, but it’s good to know the rules….just like riding a bicycle.


Stay cool and drink water… and come see OUR building team in our new building project.