Aw factor: Baby Lambs in Sweaters

Aw factor: Baby Lambs in Sweaters

April 7, 2011 Uncategorised 0

So many things indicate spring for me… asparagus, not having to scrape frost off my wood stove in the morning, spinning poi outside, still having daylight in which to spin when my day is done, snowdrops… sock knitting (who am I kidding – I have two sweater patterns tugging at my skirt as I write)… speaking of knitting and spring… how bout a baby lamb in a sweater?

Baby Lamb in Sweater

et au naturel, just a few hours after birth…

Baby Lambs

Sisters, twins in fact, Tia and Talia

Twin Sisters

Oh, and the cutest photo on the planet (seriously, if any of you out there can top this…)

Floppy Eared Lamb

Thanks to Erica Breau for her creative camera shenanigans… cause without her we’d be looking at my fuzzy interpretations.


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