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This course is for you if:

You wish to step forward into personal, collective and planetary change and are ready to access tools for the learning journey.

You have a calling towards restorative justice, peacemaking and reconciliation that is locally honouring and globally connected.

You are interested in being involved in a path of design for resilient community building and deep adaptation.



In this time of great planetary transition, we are each invited to join others with the courage needed to reSTORY our Collective Future through a restorative justice journey.  In taking on a path of reconciliation with ourselves, each other, the land, and all beings…. the wonderment of new possibilities exists.  The depth and quality of this work require the diversity of our hearts and minds to make a journey of “reSTORYing” towards decolonization and learning. 

A unique group of educators, community builders, restorative justice proponents…..and cultural creatives  with decades of experience have come together to respond to the deep calling of our time. Years of working in regenerative and restorative response to the urgent need for change within social and environmental crises have led each of these facilitators to this offering.

The Institute brings online learners from around the world, together with our ‘on the ground’ team, as we co-create  a program designed for these times of planetary transition. We focus on reSTORYing the narrative of the Empire Era towards choosing  planetary values as a way of life.  The facilitator/Elders team will work within the Institute to provide the 16 weeks of carefully crafted learning options as we take on climate emergency issues and the need for deep adaptation.


1. Restorative Justice Certificate (incubator 2021)

2. Peace Education Program 

3. Ecovillage Design Certificate (for those who already have their PDC)

4. Directed Studies Supervision for University Credit students

Additional Offerings AWAKEN special costing:

  • Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) – Earth Activist Training/Starhawk

  • ‘Bright Future Now’ Program & Network Membership – Robert Gilman



Week 0: PREPARATIONS: Laying the Groundwork

Week 1: WELCOME: Forming Our Learning Community 

Week 2: RE-VILLAGING: Indigenous Worldviews and Cooperative Cultures

Week 3: NEW SCIENCE/STORY: Interbeing and Conscious Evolution

Week 4: MODERN ZEITGEIST: How Did We Get Here?

Week 5: STATE OF THE WORLD: Some Inconvenient Truths

Week 6: DEEP ADAPTATION: How to Cope with “What’s Next”

Week 7: ECOVILLAGE DESIGN: Living Well and Lightly Together

Week 8: ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY: Regeneration and Resilience

Week 9: ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY: Glocalization and Fair Share

Week 10: LAWFUL SUSTAINABILITY: Structures and Innovation


Week 12: COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Aligning the Inner and the Outer


Week 14: CATALYZING CHANGE: Leadership and Spiritual Activism

Week 15: NETWORKING: Finding Our Local, Regional, and Global Tribes

Week 16: CLOSING: Final Presentations and Celebration

Weekly Schedule (Approximate)

Pre-recorded presentation introducing theme of the week (10 minutes)

Live group discussion – content and presentation (3.0)

Group Restorative Justice Council Circle (2.0)


“Operational” meeting/Sociocracy training – doing the work to keep cooperative culture going (1.5)

Student-led activities (1.5)

Learning Journey Guides

Brandy Gallagher

Brandy Gallagher

O.U.R. Ecovillage

Brandy Gallagher (BSW, MA) is one of the original founders and developers of O.U.R. Ecovillage… Read More about Brandy.

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg

In 1999, Daniel founded the non-profit Living Routes, which partnered with UMass-Amherst to run study abroad programs… Read More about Daniel.

Carrie Campbell

Carrie Campbell

Carrie Campbell has a passion for reweaving the net that holds us all. She is a designer, artist, educator and consultant…
Read More about Carrie.

Seth Lennon Nguyen-Weiner

Seth Lennon Nguyen-Weiner

Seth Lennon Nguyen-Weiner is a lawyer and enthusiastic student of restorative justice and…
Read More about Seth.

OUR Elders and Beloved Knowledge Keepers

Robert George Qwiyahwultu-hw

Robert George Qwiyahwultu-hw

Qwiyahwultu-hw (Robert George) is born and raised in path of purpose within the Quw’utsun Mustimuhw (Cowichan Tribes/Nation)…
Read More about Qwiyahwultu-hw.

Estelle Sinclaire/Red Eagle Woman

Estelle Sinclaire/Red Eagle Woman

Estelle/Red Eagle Woman has been with OUR ECOVILLAGE’s team since 2003.  In her ceremony work as a Sun Dancer, a ‘Pipe Carrier’,…
Read More about Estelle.

Chief Justice Robert Yazzie

Chief Justice Robert Yazzie

Robert Yazzie is a citizen of and Chief Justice Emeritus of the Navajo Nation. He served as Chief Justice and practiced law in the Navajo…
Read More about Robert.


Please choose your contribution from the Gratitude Culture Scalelearn more:

Reciprocal Cost – $2300 

For those with sufficient financial resources who can pay at cost for the experience.

Rebalancing Cost  – $3000

For those with more than enough financial resources (personal or institutionally supported) and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity.

Supported Cost – Proposal 

Pay It Forward with Great Deeds – for those with currently limited financial resources who will avoid further hardship while benefiting from access supplemented by the community. Please send your proposal to us using the Applicant Inquiry form.

    Additional Add-on Offerings:

    The Canadian Earth Institute (CEI)  is privileged to sponsor this magical journey of social and environmental justice through this innovative learning community experimental journey.  AWAKENing the Dragon…is part of the 20 year Vision originally crafted by OUR ECOVILLAGE which is the land location that CEI is stewarding throughout this project.  These times are a wake up call….for us to each change our relationships and rise from a place of presence, of conscious  and deep connection. We validate  our meaningful relationships with each other and with creation, becoming increasingly  aware of each interaction, and in this way move from human beings to ‘inter-beings’.

    To Apply:

    1. Please select the below Paypal button to pay your $100 Non-Refundable Application Fee.

    2. You will receive on online Application Form. Please fill this in and submit as soon as possible.

    3. You will hear back from the Canadian Earth Institute within one week from the submission of your Application on the status of your acceptance into this Institute.

    4. AWAKEN…into the experience of this special Institute.

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