Breath as Medicine Workshop

Breath as Medicine Workshop

November 27, 2014 Uncategorised 0
ScottKelly2With Scott Kelly–OUR resident & facilitator-Conscious Connected BreathworkScott is a resident of OUR ECOVILLAGE! He will be offering a group Conscious Connected Breathwork Sound Session for 90 minutes on: Sunday December 7th from 1:30–3:00. A very special journey accompanied by two very accomplished musicians Tanya Devine and Ocian Flo teaming up to offer “Of the Earth” known on Vancouver Island for their healing music.

Scott’s journey to health and well-being began with a quest for supporting local food as medicine initiatives, as the founder of www.GentleEarth,ca and through his personal journey for self discovery, empowerment, and healing. He discovered Conscious Connected Breathwork as a way to integrate old stories and patterns that caused reaction and suffering in his life. He has been trained as a facilitator in this modality and has seen many lives be transformed by this deep personal work. He has trained under teacher Trevor Yellich in this modality of conscious connected breathwork who has studied Hollotropic and other Breathwork is an accupunture/accupressure practitioner and yogi. We combine body tension release and mantras to assist the body in its own healing and returning to wholeness through this heightened state.

Through creating a container of Sacred Space and embarking on an 90-minute music journey with the sweet singing bowls of Ocian Flo and Tanya Devine on the deep vibration didgeridoo, the body takes in an abundance of oxygen that leads to a heightened state of ‘un-normal’ consciousness and the subconscious mind is given permission to release what no longer serves or what is in need of healing.

Scott’s commitment is to heal the planet through humans coming into wholeness and deep connection with one another.  As a part of the team at OUR Ecovillage he carries an aligned vision of walking gently on our earth, united as one!By donation supporting this incredible work to bring healing to our community and the world. May we know true peace on this journey. If interested email to register and bring a yoga mat, pillow and a blanket. He will send you some more info on the session. Thank you




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