Lisa Haché-MaguireOne of the great things about being the blogger here at O.U.R. is that I can make it all about me, almost whenever I want. I try and hold back most of the time, but this was just too funny.

So, a few weeks back, Kate (the bossy one…) and I were sitting in the Duncan Mall (I know) womaning a booth for the Volunteer Fair, and this fellow with a camera approaches and lets me know that I will be the smile of the week in the Cowichan News Leader. Then, he takes a picture of me knitting… and smiling, and gives me an interview sheet to fill out.

As I’m looking it over, I have this flashback (Wayne’s World style) to reading the Province when I was a kid and seeing the Smile of the Day. A beautiful woman or man, smiling away next to the comics section with a few tidbits about their life quoted next to them. And it occured to me. I always wanted to be that woman. And there I was, sitting, in a mall of all places, filling out a form that would complete my very oldest life long dream (except maybe changing my name to Roxy and touring with Tina Turner). Wow.

So here it is. My 30 seconds of fame. Proud Lisa.
Oh ya, and there’s an accent on the e. And um… Cracks is by Freestylers featuring Flux…

Anybody else have some childhood dreams they need fulfilling?