Community Comings and Goings

Community Comings and Goings

January 28, 2012 Community 0

Jason Barber collecting clay for a clay-slip wall with support from some friends of the community.

In the past few years, OUR has been host to thousands of visitors. Some stay for only a short time, some choose to stay longer and experience the fullness of community living at the ecovillage. We are delighted to welcome a few new faces this spring/summer and sad to see some of our dear friends move on in their lives.

The downturn in the US housing market has played a big part in the decision of residents Nicole Leduc and Zac Helmberger to return to their Earth Ship home in Taos, New Mexico. Nicole played a prominent role at the village as a member of OUR Executive team over the past year. Nicole brought strong leadership to her work, grounded in humor and great respect for all involved. She will be greatly missed. While Zac tended the market gardens at another farm site in the Cowichan, he could often be found busily fixing something at OUR and tending OUR first hive of bees. We wish them well on their journey.

After a very rich, deep and sometimes challenging summer and fall at OUR Ecovillage, Kentree and Jessie Spiers and family have decided to move on. We wish them the best on their journey of creating community as they continue onward.

Jason and Erica have found a new home in Cowichan Station. OUR building team (and onsite children!) are happy that Jason continues to work with the team and is excited about the coming summer’s programs.

While seasonal interns and short term residents departed over the fall months, OUR was also gearing up for a new year and preparing to welcome new energy to our community. Ben Garratt and Mary Henley and their 2 year old daughter, will be some of the new residents this coming summer.

Ben and Mary recently visited OUR. In reflecting on what drew them to OUR, they replied: “We are seeking a lifestyle that encourages a meaningful connection with the Earth, animals and people. We are values-driven people choosing to raise our daughter from a foundation of peace and gentleness. The way we live now makes less sense than it did before we started a family. We are city-folk commuting to work, eating store-bought food quickly and with ourselves alone. We long for the noise, discussion, laughter, fun, challenges and dynamism of a kitchen filled with people. We loved that OUR is a learning facility that welcomes like-minded people to visit, participate, volunteer, share and live. It’s an amazing place that is truly buzzing with activity and that kind of energy is contagious. It feels like there is so much action at OUR that there will always be something to contribute to, help with, and learn from. OUR has become our benchmark for the intentional community we seek.”

It is sure to be another exciting year at OUR. We hope that you too will have an opportunity to visit us.


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