Movie Monday:Composting hu-poo

Movie Monday:Composting hu-poo

March 28, 2011 Movie Monday 0

Have I got a good one for you today!

In my search for an appropriate Movie Monday today, which generally starts with our Facebook feed, I came across a nifty business idea. Portable composting shitters. Yup. This agreeable fellow, Thunderbox Dave from the UK is super stoked on his creation. But he’s in the UK. I don’t know if you have been to a festival at the Ecovillage in peak season… but we have to get porto-potties. EW. Funny-smelling-blue-chemical-water-off-gas-in-the-sun-plastic-porto-potties. All because our facilities don’t have the power to take everyone’s deposits.

So here it is. People give you money to take away their poo, and then they give you money to buy it back in its post-poo form. Potentially controversial… but so were cob houses.


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