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Course focus: Plant Propagation


Spring Grafting Workshop with Gord Baird


Apr 30 to Apr 30, 2022


Onland at OUR EcoVillage

Join us April 30 from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM for a spring grafting workshop with Gord Baird of Eco-Sense. Gord will be teaching fruit tree grafting to all those interested in an info packed 2.5 hour workshop. By the end of the workshop you will have two trees to take home with you!  



This workshop is for you if you’re ready to learn:

  • The different types of fruit tree rootstocks and which ones are best suited to your soil and your yard
  • Differences between grafting apple, pear, stone fruit (peach/plum/apricot/almond)
  • Types of grafting supplies and how they are interchangeable
  • Grafting 5 techniques 
    • Whip and Tongue
    • Chip Bud
    • T-Bud (used for summer grafting)
    • Cleft
    • Modified bark inlay

What You Will Need to Bring:

  • A grafting knife (found at Buckerfields, Dinter’s, Integrity Sales)
  • If no grafting knife, then a very small pocket knife that we can alter the blade to (place a bevel on one side)
  • Notepad and writing implement
  • clothing suited to the weather
  • OPTIONAL: your own suture kit and 1 litre of your blood type (only joking!)

Meet Your Instructor

Goard Baird

Gord Baird is Co-Owner of Eco-Sense Living, the sustainable home and nursery in the Highlands, and a member of the BC Fruit Tester’s Association (past president).  The Eco-Sense permaculture nursery and farm is home to 650 fruit and nut trees,   supporting both broadening the diversity of climate appropriate edible crops and  education and skills development throughout the region. Gord in collaboration with OUR EcoVillage will be sharing the decades of hands on skills with the participants in a fun and informative approach.  

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