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Permaculture Design certificate Course

Online Permaculture Design Certificate Course 

Starts January 26th, 2021!

Create real abundance and social justice! 

Learn to use a minimum of energy and resources to design and mimic natural systems. 

Study permaculture principles and ethics, reading the landscape, how to heal soil and cleanse water, design integrated systems, drought-proof land, sequester carbon, make compost,  compost tea recipes and biochar, bio-remediate toxins, and more!

Explore leading edge strategies and organizing tools to create solutions to climate change. 

Enroll to join Starhawk, Charles Williams and OUR all star cast of Earth Activists fully online Permaculture Design Certificate Course!  

Natural Building

Online Natural Building Course

Dreaming of a more sustainable future? 

Climate change and the global pandemic have created a very unusual situation for us all. What steps can you take to proactively reduce your footprint while making life better? Consider building a natural home!

Get to know OUR land on a personal journey that will be both eye-opening and rewarding. Experience nature’s gifts and create lifelong relationships with flora and fauna. Watch where the sun rises and sets, enjoy a full moon in place. Stay cozy in the Wintertime by learning about Solar Access.

Did you know that the path of the full moon in the sky is seasonally opposite to the sun? This means when you watch the full moon in July it will tell you the sun’s path in January.

Friendly dragon logo with mountain wings

Awakening the Dragon:

reStorying our Collective Future

Designing a Resilient Community through Reconciliation and Deep Adaptation

In the days of a certainly uncertain future comes an act of Radical Hope!

As human beings we now stand at the greatest opportunity to gather our intentions and transform our way of living with OUR planet!

Join us in various dragon themed projects designed to educate sustainability practices and Awaken The Dragon Within!

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