O.U.R. 2018 Courses

2 courses from introductory to artistic. Choose from a weekend to 1 week in July

Composting toilets are now a legal option in BC. This workshop will get you ready.

Rainwater harvesting is now a viable option for homeowners and developers. Learn about systems and possibilities, legal frameworks and pathways in this one-day course.

O.U.R. 2019 Courses

This is an incredible opportunity to study with a master teacher, on how to teach. To be eligible to register for the course you will have taken the Permaculture Design Certificate Course, or have the instructor’s approval.

Jump in to join the first few days of OUR 72 hr Permaculture Design course. This introductory course will teach you the basics of design, ethics, and principles of permaculture.

A 72-hour PDC over 16 days & evenings packed with learning from various instructors who are specialists in their fields.

Join OUR Partner in Kenya! With a focus on resilient community based food systems and ecologically appropriate built environments for sustainable living. 

A homeschool, unschool, educational immersion program for kids that runs alongside our Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training and our Ecovillage Design Education Program.

Explore, discover and adventure while learning skills that have allowed kids all over the world to thrive in nature!