O.U.R. Upcoming Courses


Join Dawn Dancing Otter, internationally recognized principal teacher/founder of The Alchemist Path and The Wildwood Priestess Guild, and SeRena Annette Turner, Teacher of Herbalism and co-founder of The Wildwood Priestess Guild, in this opportunity to be of service to your community, to your sisters, your families, to your brothers, your partners, and to future generations.

The weekend program includes sensory exercises and meditation to heighten awareness and deepen your experience. Guided writing exercises are facilitated in the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method.

Facilitated by Deepam Wadds, Author & Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) certified facilitator

You will use The Work of Byron Katie (Inquiry) to look into your relationships and question the stressful stories you are holding on to. We will guide you in Mindfulness Meditations and Inquiry to bring to the surface those beliefs that contribute to creating “hell” in your relationships. With an open mind, you may discover how you compromise your own happiness and freedom in the pursuit of pleasing others.

This conference is an intentional experience of community. Whether you live in an intentional community / ecovillage / co-housing, are interested in joining or starting one, are a networker or organizer, or are new to intentional communities, this conference will have something for you. Come learn about the intentional communities of the western US, gain skills and understanding for living in and developing intentional communities, and find mutual support and camaraderie with others involved with intentional community. 

The Natural Building Colloquium is a gathering for natural building enthusiasts: builders, teachers, professionals, and those who are passionate about natural building. It is a place to exchange the latest developments in practical applications and technology and share ideas with other people in the field. We will look at where the natural building movement stands in regards to professional support, permits, and finding qualified builders.


This is an incredible opportunity to study with a master teacher, on how to teach. To be eligible to register for the course you will have taken the Permaculture Design Certificate Course, or have the instructor’s approval.

Two day intensive to prepare yourself to design your natural home. Information and exercises for homeowners and builders

Join OUR Partner in Kenya for 3-6 weeks! With a focus on resilient community based food systems and ecologically appropriate built environments for sustainable living. 

Three workshops from beginner to professional.

Hands-on learning on various projects with Athena Steen, Benito Steen and Elke Cole

Jump in to join the first few days of OUR 72 hr Permaculture Design course. This introductory course will teach you the basics of design, ethics, and principles of permaculture.

A 72-hour PDC over 16 days & evenings packed with learning from various instructors who are specialists in their fields.

Get your Permaculture Design Certification and Ecovillage Design Education Certificate all in one course! Exclusive course to OUR Ecovillage!

A homeschool, unschool, educational immersion program for kids that runs alongside our Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training and our Ecovillage Design Education Program.

Explore, discover and adventure while learning skills that have allowed kids all over the world to thrive in nature!

Gaia Education certified facilitators and trainers will be equipped with the skills and methodologies to facilitate transformative learning environments and host multi-stakeholder conversations that enable collaborative action. 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Training is a two-day course which can be taken as a stand-alone training and is an introduction of the Training of Trainers. This interactive course invites participants to discuss the implementation of the SDGs at the global and local levels.