O.U.R. 2018 Courses

Join us for a time devoted to grief and wonder, and some prescription scribbled in the sand for what a withered world might now ask of younger folk and of the older folk among us who love them.

An innovative tiny home design and building education weekend, geared toward those interested in alternative small dwellings

5 weeks of E.D.E. comprehensive training – All in ONE course!

2 weeks of workshops and special events for builders and professionals

3 courses from introductory to artistic. Choose from a weekend to 2 weeks in July

Composting toilets are now a legal option in BC. This workshop will get you ready.

Rainwater harvesting is now a viable option for homeowners and developers. Learn about systems and possibilities, legal frameworks and pathways in this one-day course.

Explore, discover and adventure while learning skills that have allowed kids all over the world to thrive in nature!

This is an incredible opportunity to study with a master teacher, on how to teach. To be eligible to register for the course you will have taken the Permaculture Design Certificate Course, or have the instructor’s approval.