Coyote Mentoring Weekend

 Coyote Mentoring Weekend

April 5 – 7, 2019

Arrival: April 5th 5:00pm
Departure: April 7th 4:00pm

Cost: $290 CAD
(price also includes: meals & camping)

Thriving roots
“A long time ago and in a few places still today, indigenous people who lived off the land schooled their children, but they did it invisibly. Our ancestors’ children didn’t go to school. School surrounded them. Nature was a living teacher. There were many relatives for every child and every relative was a mentor. Stories filled the air and ceremonies of gratitude filled mundane lives. Wouldn’t it brighten our horizons to see more of this kind of teaching in our schools and communities today?”
Ellan Haas, Co-Author of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature

Throughout the weekend you will:

  • Learn the cycle of brain patterning and how to use it to inspire new learning and growth
  • Experience the power of storytelling as a teaching tool
  • Discover how heightened sensory awareness is connected to curiosity and motivation
  • Experience the impact of culture on our sense of belonging and self-worth and learn how that is connected to personal growth.
  • Reactivate your own aliveness and curiosity within the natural world
  • Connect with like-minded parents and educators in the Vancouver Island nature connection movement.
  • Discover your own inner “Coyote” and learn how and when to call him/her forth!

Attention Parents:

We are also hosting a FOOD, FOREST, AND FARM CAMP FOR KIDS 6-12 at the same time as the Coyote Mentoring Weekend:

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Instructors: Arnaud Gagne and Marion Delude

Food: All meals provided by the “OUR EcoVillage Zero Mile Eatery!”

Lodging: Camping space is provided and encouraged for the full outdoor experience. (Participants are required to bring their own camping gear.)

Shared indoor lodging no linens: + $25

Shared indoor lodgingwith linens: + $40

Private roomsingle w/ linens: + $90

Private roomdouble w/ linens: + $120

What makes OUR Ecovillage so special?

OUR courses are unique from almost all others as you are stepping into OUR ECOVILLAGE – a 25 acre “Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre” and one of the most built out permaculture projects in North America.

For 19 years Our Ecovillage has been working towards “Lawful Permaculture”; having every innovative design and building project that we have created also be fully zoned, permitted & approved by regulatory officials. 

Through partnering with all 3 levels of government, business & corporate sponsors, academia, and the grassroots of the wider community and it’s organizations; at OUR we bring together a range of professionals, permaculture teachers, regulatory folks, and technical stakeholders ready to train others in the next stages of how permaculture projects can become fully legal – like OURS!

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