Create Your Own Weekend Retreat



5495406922_eef4af0b6a_zCome for an ‘Immersed Learning/Healing Weekend’, pick from the list of many experiential Homesteading Workshops and Healing Sessions, we will help you create a special weekend.  In OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery and Cob/Strawbale Healing Sanctuary we have a magical means of learning Hands-On and/or having private practitioner treatments – you will marvel at the hand-sculpted spaces of hobbit home like structures that create a sacred space for your retreat.  OUR Eco-Wellness Team and medical practitioners bring together decades of practice and treatments for your journey towards transforming yourself; body, mind and spirit.  From eating OUR crafted foods from the land, walking the forest trails/labyrinth, detoxing in OUR wood-fired sauna, booking private sessions, and simply enveloping yourself in an amazing intentional community embrace…your weekend can include as much or as little as you desire! 5523855345_280e8432c7_n

Workshop options:

Private yoga therapy sessions,

Jin Shin Jyutsu session,


Deep tissue massage,

The art of crafted beer and local microbrewery,

Yogurt making workshop,

Fermentation workshop: Kefir, Kombucha, Sauerkraut

Milking goats

Tarot reading

[Click workshop tab for all of the workshop options]


Long Weekender – $194.50/ person per night (2 night minimum stay)
[2 nights 3 days – Arrive for 10:00 am Friday and leave 4:00pm Sunday]
Mini- Weekender – $174.50 / person per night (2 night minimum stay)
[2 nights 2 days –  Arrive for 6:00 pm Friday and leave 1:00pm Sunday after lunch]

Includes: morning yoga, all meals, experiential ‘earthing’ and land meditation walk, farm integration and animal bonding (or jump in and milk cows with us!), evening wood fired sauna, and kitchen crafting with food as medicine.

Discount for additional person in same room


Please call OUR Ecovillage Office and create your perfect weekend retreat today! (250) 743-3067