Designing for Community Resiliency and Emergency Planning Project Update

Designing for Community Resiliency and Emergency Planning Project Update

Posted on: November 9, 2019

The Community Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness job creation program (affectionately known at OUR ECOVILLAGE as Team CPR) began on August 2, 2019. Since beginning ‘Team CPR’ has been hard at work taking care of tasks related to helping make the village resilient — not only for the coming winter but for years to come. Tasks relating to construction and also food security has been the focus so far. 

Earlier, this fall the team made some good progress with building a worm-bin wastewater composting systems in the housing cluster. The holes are dug, boards are cut and the bins are in place waiting for approval from our wastewater treatment specialist. This project has brought a chance to learn more about self-sufficient, organic wastewater treatment. The team is looking forward to final approval and making progress on the final installation.

Resilience and Emergency Planning includes protecting yourself from the elements. This time of the year it means working on winterizing the village in preparation for the rain, snow, or whatever storms this winter brings. Installing doors on open buildings, creating a roof over our cob oven, shingling the tiny house, painting or covering anything susceptible to mould, and chopping lots, and lots of wood. Although there’s still plenty to be done, the team has also made some headway with upgrading our off-grid solar installation in the housing cluster, and learning about solar power design.

In the spirit of Food Security, the team has also been hard at work in the teaching kitchen. They started out this summer by setting up the teaching kitchen as a small Cafe during events. Dubbed, The Nurture Cafe, the kitchen provided OUR event visitors with nourishing snacks and drinks, including some amazing medicinal teas made with herbs grown on the land. The setup process included inventing and researching recipes, calculating product costs and learning how to calculate potential revenue.

Both the garden and the teaching kitchen play a large role in OUR Food Security, and Team CPR has been consistently working in both. From gleaning, and organizing medicinal herbs grown on the land, to canning and preserving for long-term used to feed the village. Using food grown on the land, some projects that the team has completed are dehydration of figs, apples, plums, and tomatoes; making and preserving a whole variety of relishes, jams, gummies, chutney, and fruit leather; keeping the Kombucha brewing by creating fresh batches every ten days. They also have been busy with product development with natural toothpaste and possible goat soap to come.

Animals are another part of supporting the land, and the team has been learning and working on their knowledge of animal husbandry while caring for the cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep on the land as well.

Team CPR is looking ahead to the challenges that winter brings! We have a few outdoor projects that we’re hoping to get done before winter comes, and a good number of projects to work on indoors once the cold hits. If you are interested in more of what we are doing please feel free to contact us!