Econest Building Project at OUR Ecovillage

Econest Building Project at OUR Ecovillage

April 3, 2012 Natural Building 0

photo courtesy of Econest

The summer of 2012 at O.U.R Ecovillage has lots of interesting treats in store for our friends, visitors, volunteers and interns. Of particular interest this summer are the Ecological/Natural Building Internships. OUR 10-week Skillbuilder, and 4-month all inclusive Skillbuilder, will include the Econest Intensive which will be facilitated by Robert and Paula Laporte – Robert will facilitate the hands on workshops and Paula will teach the EcoNest “Homing In” seminar.

These two are a formidable team and have been forging the way for natural builders around the world through their teaching, writing and experimentation. This building project will please those from many different backgrounds with its fusion of eastern and western traditions. The Japanese style timber framing is quite precise, rigid and meticulous and will be built with the teaching and facilitation of Chris Koehn (an Econest Affiliate). Robert’s light clay construction is innovative and energy efficient. There will be a play between the indoor and outdoor spaces and a feeling of simplicity, serenity and cleanliness. But don’t worry, earth builders! We will still be playing in the mud and getting our hands plenty dirty in the process!

Robert and Paula have set a particular standard when it comes to natural building and we are thrilled to have them on board. Their homes have a strong focus on healthy and ecological design, both for physical and mental aspects.

As with all the buildings at OUR, this home will be designed for solar orientation. A south facing “sun bump” feature, generous roof overhangs and ample cross ventilation are built into the design to help keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter. The open and clean concept of the EcoNest allows the sunlight to filter in calmly throughout the day, bringing a regenerative and blissful energy.

Overall, this project is backed by a ton of wisdom, experience, passion, integrity, respect and playfulness. We guarantee that the knowledge you will take home after participating will be invaluable. By facilitating these learning opportunities and passing on natural building techniques, O.U.R Ecovillage aims to build a brighter, happier and greener future for everyone.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a naturally built home? It is earth friendly – on top of being healthy for mind, body and spirit. The materials work with the elements to maintain a vital interior atmosphere. The actual building process brings new friends together and creates community – plus, these types of homes are built to last! Hopefully I don’t need to go into much detail about the alternatives – which generally include toxic materials, little to no air flow and eventual demolition (leading to waste streams.)

[colored_box variation=”olive”]This educational opportunity is a great option for conventional builders who wish to “green” their skill-set even more. In the transition towards no-toxic materials, breathable walls, diversion of waste streams and a supportive team environment, architects, engineers, homeowners and anyone who wishes to gain new skills will find this a personal and professional shift in outlook and skills.[/colored_box]

You can also apply for an extension to this internship (at no cost for tuition) to include OUR 1-month “Cob and community in the Village” with Cobworks and Cob Cottage

For more information about EcoNest homes, visit the Econest website.


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