2012 Earth Dance Children’s Camp – Week 1-Copy

2012 Earth Dance Children’s Camp – Week 1-Copy

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Date(s) - 27/04/2018 - 29/04/2018
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Week 1: August 6-10

Earthdance Circle This years Earth Dance Children’s Camp will take place over two weeks (Click here to go to week 2!). The first week includes a morning of music and dance with an afternoon on the farm; the perfect partnership between Moondance Dynamic Arts School and O.U.R. Ecovillage! The second week is farm time all the time, where children learn about the farm and all of the special activities that take place here with special guest Linda O’Connor of Hands to Heart presenting Little Breaths.


There will be three groups of children experiencing exciting dance and music adventures over the course of a week from 9am – 4pm daily at O.U.R. Ecovillage.

Group 1: 3 – 5 year olds
Group 2: 6 – 8 year olds
Group 3: 9 – 11 year olds

This year the children have the option of staying all day, all week – Earth Dance in the morning, plus other Eco Activities in the afternoon. Lunch Included. Note that this option is available for children aged 6 – 11 years only. Younger children are permitted if accompanied by a caregiver. The second week is all Eco activities, all day with the same age restrictions applying.

Both these weeks happen during OUR International Permaculture Design Course and is scheduled to support families in their wish to learn sustainable living together. Children’s camps can also include a residential stay (camping or B&B). Please inquire about bulk rates for family groups.

Monday Village Day!Monday all day, families can engage in cob building, Village tours and more. Farm Kids programme includes this day. For non-farm kids, caregivers must be on-site.

Detailed Schedule

Parents, on the first day please meet in the Yurt at 8:45am and plan to be at the Ecovillage until 9:15am to ensure a smooth start.

Check out this years incredible fusion of West African Dance (Moondance Studio – Lynn Weaver), Marimba classes (Wildflower Studio – Jenny Stevens), and Eco-Activities (O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE – variety of Discovery Guides). With an option for 4 days of mornings only….or a ‘Farm Kids” option for the holiday Monday and afternoons all week (eco-activities that you can even jump in on with your child – but be prepared to get down and dirty!) Click here to go to week 1.

The homesteading kids afternoons focus on learning about well-being and sustaining OURselveswe have children’s Reiki, plant medicine learning, and so much more. This is a five day camp with a wide variety of onsite activities to build community and ‘permaculturalize’ OUR lives. Linda O’Connor will be here over the week hosting her Little Breaths workshop that empowers kids to give them the tools and strategies for self awareness. Through imagination, visualization, art and breathing, your child will discover their animal inside! Using their chosen animal as a guide for breathing, coping and reflection, they will leave with a special gift for their body, mind and spirit. Other activities include: Mini Cob Houses, Raw Cookie Monster Making, Very Berry Walks, Home Sweet Home – Bird House making, Straw bale forts, Crafty Crayon Craziness, Animal masks, Natures Patterns – Leaf Rubs and so much more!!!

“Campers” also engage in Eco Village Hands-On Learning Activities, taking full advantage of this wonderful farm & community-oriented location.

Who are the instructors?

Different folks on the village are joining in with various expertise to create the curriculum for the farm headed up by Danielle. Included are some of our continuing interns in the garden, O.U.R. Kitchen Magicians, Livestock managers etc. It’s a beautifully dynamic team ready for the incredible journey of children’s camp!

Dance – Lynn Weaver
Lynn has been dancing all her life and loves sharing her passion for dance. She has studied and performed extensively across a range of disciplines, around the World. Lynn had the honour of teaching dance at Maxwell International School, and has been the artistic director of MoonDance for over 10 years! She also operates a non-profit Society, Matoto Multicultural Arts Society.

Music – Jennie Stevens
Since opening Woodruff Music School over 16 years ago, Jennie has provided a unique music programme for children and their families in the Cowichan Valley. Her warm, loving and relaxed approach with students creates a very special music experience. Her philosophy surrounding the music is one of connection and cooperation. Her classes incorporate storytelling with xylophones and marimbas, offering opportunities for all levels of ability. Jennie holds a degree in Education, specializing in Early Childhood and in Music, and has 28 years of experience teaching music to children of all ages.

Little Breaths – Linda O’Connor

Linda O’Connor is a speaker and facilitator who shares self awareness techniques through Hands to Heart. As a mother of two, an avid dancer, musician, and poet. She believes that developing the awareness to breathe is an essential investment for ourselves and our community. Her experience counseling youth, along with formal training in communication, team building, management and public speaking inspire her to share her simple and creative tools for wellness.

Pricing will be added to this page soon

What is the cost?

The following costs are per week, with a discount depending on the number of children in sibling set.

Children Cost Description
1 $100 am session only (Mon – Fri)
$225 am & pm* sessions (Mon – Fri)
2 $180 am session only (Mon – Fri)
$405 am & pm* sessions (Mon – Fri)
3 $370 am session only (Mon – Fri)
$607.50 am & pm* sessions (Mon – Fri)
4 $460 am session only (Mon – Fri)
$810 am & pm* sessions (Mon – Fri)

*children aged 6 – 11 yrs only; younger children permitted if accompanied by a caregiver

The cost of the day long programme includes lunch. Subsidy funding is available; applications upon request directly from Moondance for the Week 1 August 6-10. Options for camping onsite are available through our registrar, please contact the office for details.

Sounds great! How do I register?

Pre-registration required. Please click the green registration button below and fill out the forms according the size of sibling set you are registering. Read our cancellation policy here. Family discounts apply. Please click here to register for week 2!