SoulTalks Vancouver Island

SoulTalks Vancouver Island

Posted on: July 30, 2016
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Date(s) - 30/07/2016 - 31/07/2016
9:30 am - 6:00 pm




SoulTalks is a premier event designed to deliver passionate, deep, thought provoking messages to re-ignite and awaken us on the deepest levels.

Join us for this transformational speaking and networking experience for Conscious Leaders and SoulLed Individuals.

The opportunities to connect and expand into new areas of thought and consciouness are amazing! This event will bring together speakers, performers and the audience like never before!

There are two ticket options available:

1) SoulTalks for $97 which includes the main event from 10 am – 6 pm and lunch. There are only 60 tickets left!

2) SoulTalks Gold for $127 which includes a regular SoulTalks ticket with lunch plus dinner, additional networking time with our hosts and attendees and a special and intimate evening with David Wolfe!

We will be providing options for overnight camping etc shortly should you wish to rest on site after an amazing day and connect even deeper with fellow attendees and hosts 🙂

Contact us at if you’d like to be a speaker, on stage facilitator, vendor or sponsor!

We will have a small market in the event room plus Table Sponsorship’s available that will allow sponsors to interact with attendees one to one during lunch and dinner. Annual Partnerships are also available. Contact us for more details.

We are also looking for more core team members to handle functions like social media, speaker organizer & liaison, promoters, technical experts, volunteers and more…there are perks, tickets promo’s, networking, community building opportunities and much more available to our team members plus the experience of being involved with the event and learning how to run and facilitate them.


Buy tickets now and learn more here (No longer available)!

A note from Lee-Ann Frances Bates, founder of SoulTalks:

Are you a leader in your life? I wonder as I write this how many of you are firmly saying “yes”? How many of you are doubting that you have that power and influence? How many of you are unsure or indifferent. Well if you are indifferent, this piece of writing isn’t for you. This is for the change makers and lovers of life and the rebels and peace creators and the people that know deep down in their hearts and souls that they have a purpose and there is something within them that can help others. Perhaps you know what that is or maybe you don’t. That’s all part of this beautiful and sometimes crazy journey we call life, so lets for one moment simply embrace that unknowingness and contemplate the potential. If you had the mentors, the support, the love, the tools and the inspiration to create from your heart, do what you love, follow your dreams and live an even more amazing life than you do now…how would that feel? What would you create? Who would you help?

Well here’s the thing. I believe that’s possible for you. I’d like to invite you to consider that you are already the leader inside that this world needs. Whether your leadership is of the self, in your home, within your community, at work…we are all leaders. We are leaders co-creating our lives and our society each and everyday. Perhaps you are wondering why I care? Well I connected with heart in the deepest ways and when I opened the door to let my Soul speak it showed me peace. Peaceful and loving relations with myself and all others. And thankfully although I barely believed in myself at this time, I had the courage to speak my dream to others and then they started speaking it back to me when I felt doubt and then my world started changing one conversation at a time. People introduced me to people, I learned , shared, received, expressed, experienced and this beautiful thing I called SoulTalks emerged. A stage full of amazing, conscious, heart-based people with extra-ordinary stories and wisdom to share opened themselves to an equally amazing audience and magical things began happening. When we share from our hearts and souls what follows is magic. When we open to having conversation, to connecting, to serve one another….it’s extraordinary. We find ourselves inspired, gifted with tools and new thoughts and ideas, connecting with friends, supporters and mentors and that is how the world I dream of is created. Let’s create peace, harmony and abundance, one conscious conversation at a time.

It is my belief that peace on this planet is created on person at a time. First in our own hearts and minds, through our relationship with our self, then through our relationships with others and then through into our communities, the earth and beyond. That means awakening, inspiring, uplifting the leader within you!

Join us (Event has ended) on Saturday July 30, 2016 for an epic day of love, leadership, connecting, community and inspiration at SoulTalks 2016, Vancouver Island.

Get tickets and hold your space for this special event here

See the promo video from SoulTalks 2015 here

Written by Lee-Ann Frances Bates 

Lee-Ann is the founder of SoulTalks and Inner Awakenings. She is an international expert in Relationships and Conscious Communication. Her background includes formal training and/or mentorships in business, coaching, hypnotherapy, sexuality, wellness and spirituality. She has been described as being love, light and truth and a total rebel 😉 If her intention of world peace resonates with you or you’d like to work with Lee-Ann please email her at