Executive Director’s Report December 2013

Executive Director’s Report December 2013

December 6, 2013 Newsletter 0

brandy-gallagherHere we are at OUR last Newsletter of the year for 2013!  At this point I am stranded in Victoria having just finished the wind up of the Living the New Economy Conference and sitting tight before getting home to do last touches for the soft opening of OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery with the amazing Advent and Local Foods Feastival happening this Saturday night December 7th!.

I am musing about the year in this submission for the year….but moreover musing about the last 15 years!  After presenting this week it has brought many of OUR thoughts full circle.  Realizing that it was over 20 years ago that so many of us in Victoria began to talk about creating a ‘Commons’….a place for all and any folks who ‘come in a good way’ to lay their hand to an act of beauty (in relationship, artistically, as a food grower, with children/youth, or ……). To create a Commons that would not be solely owned by government, or academia, business/corporate, and/or the wider community grassroots was the goal – how to do this was such an unknown 15 years ago when we began! The acronym of O.U.R., standing for One United Resource, was the only guiding light to creating a commons which would be a 25 acre Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre.  Here we are at the LTNE gathering where an entire conference room full of peoples are having the same conversation as that 20+ years ago. Only then we seemed line lone voices in the woods…..now the conversation is becoming common conversation!!!

It is rewarding to stay the course for so long that you can actually feel the rest of a tidal wave come sweeping in behind you to carry you to the beach you have had your sights on for so very long.  The waters are warm and buoyant…..and the sun is starting to shine full out on the promise of a local economy, based on socially just living with the land, and sharing sacred space, while we love/learn/ and lean in towards each other!  One United Resource – OUR community, OUR kids, OUR neighbourhoods, OUR healthy and secure foods, OUR hearts shared…..hummmm the vision has been a good one and now the capitals can perhaps come out of the sentence of ‘our’ choices!   Looking forward to seeing how many folks step up in the next months to creating the next steps of ‘Living the New Economy’ as a community forum that supports our bio-region.

Stay tuned for OUR February Newsletter to find out more about the new HearthKeepers at OUR ECOVILLAGE, the amazing International ‘Village to Village’ project with Better World Camerooon,  the upcoming Sustainable Well-being Colloquium in the fall of 2014…and the programs leading up to it!, and all the more the new partnership with the Haven (Gabriola) being cooked up……and transformative Art Retreats hosted by OUR onsite cultural creatives!!   And so much more to come —

Happy, happy new year.  May the blessings of the passage of this time grace us all with health and happiness.


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