Executive Director’s Report June 23, 2014

Executive Director’s Report June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 Brandy 0

by Rick Juliusson

Yes, this is the Executive Director report, and No, this is not Brandy writing. The transition that we’ve been working towards for the past 10 years, and more specifically for the past months, is now in full swing. And thanks to many many people stepping up to the plate and preparing (both here on the ground and amongst our supporters worldwide), we are ready.

At this time, I am serving as interim Executive Director. As planned, this has allowed Brandy some time away from the desk to prepare herself and and her family, and now time to fully take care of herself and be cared for.

To create this space of safety, we had to do more than just relieve her of official responsibilities–we had to come together as a leadership team and demonstrate that we could effectively carry on the work of OUR Ecovillage, so she could fully rest and believe. To accomplish this, just some examples of the actions we have taken in our short time together include:

  • leadership team meets 3 times/week to ensure that our actions are coordinated and supported by the whole team
  • started building the sturdiest and beautifullest timber-frame composting bathroom you ever did see
  • set up a stunning new calendar system so that everyone on the land is clear where to best focus their efforts
  • welcomed 2 new powerhouse young people through Canada Student Jobs–one to focus on the garden CSA planting and marketing, the other to tighten up our financial tracking systems.

There are so many ways to support Brandy and OUR Ecovillage. For those of us here on the ground, our role is to take full responsibility for the stewardship and growth of this amazing program/place. For those of you who have been here before or are part of OUR family from afar, your financial and loving support is what enables us to keep this going. Thank you for the many ways you have all reached out and empowered us to keep this work going forward. We are in a difficult time, but not a dark one.

>> In the middle of writing this, I received an email from Brandy saying that she had to cancel her Monday cancer clinic treatment due to lack of funds. I was able to immediately write back that we have enough funds in the Indiegogo account to pay for those expenses. Without your donations at this critical time, she would indeed have had to cancel this very necessary treatment. Thank you! <<



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