Executive Directors Report – November 2013

Executive Directors Report – November 2013

November 4, 2013 Executive Directors Report 0

brandy-gallagherSuddenly an amazing year seems to be coming to a close!!  This might be termed for me the year of going out on a limb in the biggest way possible – as OUR team swelled to an incredible amount of folks..almost all of whom were new to the site!!!  Having only a few of us on OUR core team who were familiar with the village protocols, values/vision, and policies was a stretch to say the least!!  To top this off we took in a record number of Interns this year at 25 folks.  The learning was big all the way around – and I am sure we would all say that it took a fairly heroic level of committment to pull this off and yet it probably will never be a choice we make again.  Amazing visitors, interns, and volunteers which the core staff team held a big process together for and a deep gratitude goes out to all of us for the learning and growth which was created.

All this and a huge amount of change on the ground level.  so many completions, outstanding details, new HearthKeepers moving into position, loans re-paid, changes legally…..and maybe even a new mortgage on the horizon – STAY TUNED!

It really is time for those who have been part on any learning process at OUR ECOVILLAGE to come for a tour and a visit as this is the 10th anniversary of OUR full time residential internships.  We are still inviting in all for a reunion and this time I think we will put Elke Cole (founder of OUR natural building internship with me in 2003) on speaker phone from Cameroon to talk about the new “Village to Village Partnership” she and I are working on together between Better World Cameroon and OUR ECOVILLAGE.

All this will come together at OUR ADVENT FEAST on December 7th (see details inside next parts of OUR Newsletter).  Tour, free skillshare, huge local foods feast, singing, a slideshow of many of the faces of yesteryear and images of in process projects long ago…..and for sure singing as well!

Lastly, get a jump on holiday giving and consider becoming one of OUR Sustainers!!  You will have a free ticket to the Advent Feast for this year (Harvest Feast in years to come), incredible discounts, outreach privileges…and you will be supporting the continuation of OUR education programs for children/youth specifically.  We have many schools/ community groups who have no activities budget and request full scholarships to work with OUR teachers onsite.  You can help make this possible – and you could even gift this in honour of a friend/family member and send them a holiday or birthday greeting card that you sponsor in their name.  All this and a charitable tax receipt for your giving.  Check out: OUR Sustainers for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the holidays if possible…..we have many blessings to celebrate.


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