Executive Director’s Report September 2013

Executive Director’s Report September 2013

October 2, 2013 Kids Natural Building OUR Sustainers Volunteer 0

brandy-gallagherAnd yet another Goodbye.. Again!!

Gearing up for the end of OUR season we wish to invite you to the upcoming HARVEST FEAST that has all OUR team/community counting OUR blessings from the onsite school season.  With the end of summer having come and gone there have been so many goodbye – and even some new hello’s.  We have been graced with a most amazing group of Interns from OUR overall 2013 programming here at the village….with a record set of taking on 21 Interns between the ‘Community Farm Internship’ and the ‘Cob and Community: Natural Building Internship’.  What an incredible dynamic with so very much learned by all of us – we are all teachers and we are all learners.  Graduation was especially sweet this year with a wonderful honouring of all OUR core teaching and site staff/volunteers who put on the Internships and other larger programs (we were treated to everything from wonderous punch libations to back rubs/should massage 🙂   What a great set of goodbyes, which only really mean ’till I see you again’, as we each ended the night in OUR new Ecovillage T-shirts….made compliments of Dani who always rocks out the most amazing communication and outreach from OUR office.  OUR T-shirts have full building design and food focus stamped on them as well!!!

We also have said a big goodbye to OUR (and really Freya’s incredible xmas present) beautiful goat.  Eva was found after an attack by what looks like local dogs or cougar and sadly she was buried in full ceremony by all the children.  A big thanks to to Satiya for leading the hunt for her, to Spoons and Jordan for being such caring midwives of her passing, and to Trent and Brad for carrying her home. She has been the dear friend to all who have walked OUR farm and most folks think she was more like a loyal puppy and certainly she will live on in OUR memory as the boss of the barnyard for the last year.

One other big goodbye this summers end is to the kids who are all returning back to school after such a long and fun summer together.  Freya has been joined by Taidhg, sometimes Ethan/Brody, the Kitchen’s children for a month, and certainly Alessio/Erika and Shaida/Kion.  All this was lovingly facilitated by Mavis who kept the ‘Kids Team’ running along with lots of creativity and connection with the land.  From Kids Camp to art programming…..we can not thank you enough Mavis!!  And Shaida too as she became such an obvious Jr. Youth support and a loving friend to all.  Kat and Satiya jumped in and coordinated the ‘Kids Team’ for the facilitators of EARTH DANCE, and OUR CIRCUS CAMP.  We will miss you all being on the land day in and day out and expect some great weekend gatherings –

With these young folks in mind it is super note-worthy to link in a few other goodbye’s from this year as life has a way of linking back on itself –  no sooner did we say goodbye to one of OUR beloved founders this year; Eialina Armfelt….then we gained her amazing two grandchildren Alession and Erika.  Not only did Alession jump in with OUR community this summer – we actually got to hire him in OUR kitchen!  It is beautiful to have shared circle with the third generation of this lineage as they talked of what was important to them and created community with all of OUR circles of folks.  I felt Eialina smiling at us all from somewhere beyond and her beautiful ‘Life College’ dream unfolding.

As the summer closes we have gone from 60+ down to 20’ish of us for the next stretch of time ahead of us.  More goodbye’s and many which become a revolving door of back and forth visits as time moves on…. Please make sure you come and share in all the stories and most amazing vista of what we have all been up to together – we are hoping to see you all for OUR Harvest Feast; ‘soft’ opening of OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery, OUR Sustainers appreciation dinner, funders, Volunteer Honouring….and thanksgiving circle – complete with local foods authors and guest speakers!!  This is a 10 year re-union for OUR educational programs and residential internships and it will be good to see so many of the old faces and the surprise when everyone sees what has happened!  Email or call us as soon as possible to let us know that you wish a seat in this gathering…..

Abundance to All…..



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