Forging ahead with Ethical Investment

Forging ahead with Ethical Investment

February 28, 2012 Community 0

OUR launches the new “Ethical Investment Mortgage” – Syndicated Mortgage and seeks new investors:

Heide Brown, investor, from Gabriola and Deborah Curran, lawyer, at the FOG Research Project meetings in November 2011.

We invite you to participate in a new collaborative “Ethical Investment Mortgage” administered through Concentra Trust. Individuals or organizations can direct their resources into this low risk investment and even redirect their current (or newly purchased) RRSP’s into a “syndicated mortgage.” The process of being involved can be customized to meet your needs – investors will be able to invest different amounts, with different terms. A syndicated mortgage allows multiple investors to collectively form a mortgage that is registered against the title of a property. OUR Ecovillage is offering this option for investors looking to support environmental and social impact – thus it is being called the “Ethical Investment Mortgage.”

This does not mean investors will co-own the land. We have a separate process for co-ownership and long-term residency. However, you will be able to earn market rate interest on your investment and you can withdraw your investment at any time. Investments may include cash/securities, transfer of RRSPs or purchase of new RRSPs which are assigned to be self-directed to the “Ethical Investment Mortgage.” All annual fees will be covered by O.U.R. Ecovillage.

This new mortgage option is a significant step toward the longstanding dream of full legal and financial community ownership of OUR Ecovillage.

The development of this social finance model has been created through the “F.O.G. (finance, ownership, and governance) of Common Share Research Program”. As this framework is piloted with O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE the legal work will become open source for many other community projects across Canada; non-profits societies, and Coops, many of which experience similar finance barriers within the work of Sustainable Community conventional models. Particularly in the arena of land conservation and protection…it is hoped this pilot mortgage will offer itself out creating a ripple ofongoing opportunity for ‘community to invest in community’. In partnership with The Land Conservancy of BC – OUR ECOVILLAGE is a non-certified Organic Farm, a land stewardship model, a park, and an eco-education center which is now being protected for all future generations as these Investors ensure the continued existence.

[colored_box variation=”wheat”]To learn more about how you, or family and friends, can step up to be an Investor in Protecting OUR ECOVILLAGE Forever – contact us at: or call us at: 250-743-3067.[/colored_box]

If a larger investment is not within your reach at this time – you can also check out OUR Sustainers -Core Support Program to ‘invest’ in a different way. In an effort to show good faith to the Ethical Investment Mortgage Investors, to build more of a community network, and to create more and more accessibility for all of the folks who visit/volunteer/participate in some way in this community commons……and to create some amazing discounts for activities and education programs onsite…..please consider an annual or monthly contribution and becoming a core supporter of OUR!


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