From The Executive Team!

From The Executive Team!

September 8, 2011 Green Burial 0

Wow – Where did the summer go…. and how the heck did OUR team manage to pull off so much with the strange weather that moved through?!?

Seems that we grew just as much amazing food as last year, planted out and prepped much more food system spaces, and babied along all OUR new perennials (fruit trees, nut trees, and 22 kinds of berries!).  Somehow we managed to pilot a new Kitchen Crafting Program with fermented libations/sauerkrauts/kefir, etc. along with jersey & sheep dairy (cheeses, butter, ice cream, etc) all with a fantastic focus on medical diet needs and whole foods threading through it all.

And last – but for sure not least; imagine the disappearance of OUR old office (pretty magical to see every little scrap of wood accounted for!) and the birth  of OUR new Zero Mile Meal Eatery.  A wonderous part of the three phase “Community Commons” teaching/learning/eating/classroom space for OUR chefs, local guest foodies, value added production….and a special space for presenters to have for every aspect of food education imaginable (and maybe some great music thrown in as well 🙂    It really is time to come and check the whole space out if you have not been here in a while.
With fall coming on SO fast….we are back to the same old game of the winter season here – how to “PROTECT OUR ECOVILLAGE FOREVER”.  This is the 4th winter that we face the same reality which came to light in 2008.  Regardless of the many awards, the major levels of regulatory authority approval for innovation, and the incredible levels of wider community flow through this site (we just bumped it up to over 10,000 people this year) …..we still can not fit within the framework for a convention mortgage.  Given the structure of residential mortgages, OUR innovation makes us high risk and has us coloring OURselves outside of the lines.  Round peg – square hole!!  The very thing which makes this space so very special ….is also now one of OUR greatest challenges.  Stay tuned….the Campaign to PROTECT OUR ECOVILLAGE FOREVER begins again October 1st, 2011.
Also, on deck is further developments for the Green Burial – Commemorative Conservation Scatterings Grounds here at OUR ECVOILLAGE.  The most wonderful news is that the very first person to sign on for the Commemorative Legacy Project ( a project through Green Burial in partner with The Land Conservancy of BC and OUR providing charitable tax receipts for protecting sacred wild spaces, food security production areas and education sites) ….is Bill Blount; the former owner/steward of the lands of OUR ECOVILLAGE, prior 1998.  Bill has remained a part of OUR community by visiting and volunteering over the past 12 years on a regular basis – and has now chosen the area of the lands where he wishes his ashes to be placed, his legacy tree will be planted, and he will always remain with OUR lands in his own way.  Bill represents a hero to all farmers and land owners across Canada who could protect their properties for food security, sensitive ecosystem and habitat, and maintain a wider community resource – keeping the idea alive with your local land trust!
Please let us know if you have ideas, hopes, or new partnering possibilities for OUR ECOVILLAGE.  We welcome all who wish to participate in recreating the possibility of a healthy and vibrant community.  Keep the circle strong……..


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