November Garden Update – Apples, Pumpkins, and Discovery

November Garden Update – Apples, Pumpkins, and Discovery

Posted on: November 14, 2018

By Gracelynn Lau

The “Indian Summer” in late October gave us almost 2 weeks straight of dry and sunny days to get the firewood in and to finish up the fall harvesting. This time last year, the heritage king apple tree in front of the Eatery was covered in snow, whereas this year we are picking and filling up 20+ buckets of apples from the tree! OUR hugest acknowledgements go to Samantha.

Meanwhile, there are still raspberries fruiting and california poppies blooming in the middle and lower garden; the brussel sprouts we had transplanted in mid-September finally started growing bigger. Garden team volunteer Brenda from Mexico and Simon from Germany created “Maria” from one of our giant pumpkins, along with 3 other giant pumpkins. We won a few ribbons at the Old Farm Market pumpkin contest! Above is a picture of Brenda and “Maria” (first place ribbon for ‘Most Beautiful Pumpkin”).

While our giant pumpkins were at the local farmers’ contest, we kept all the little winter squashes in the patch for our “young farmers” to pick! Over 2 days in the last week of October, we have 100 students from Discovery Elementary School in Shawnigan coming over to O.U.R for outdoor hands-on learning. Each students got to build a little cob house model, fed the animals, made fresh apple juice with apple fresh from O.U.R farm, tasted different edible flowers and harvested ground-cherries and mini winter squashes.