How to Get Involved With Us in 2018!

How to Get Involved With Us in 2018!

January 16, 2018 Uncategorised 0

Only one month in, we already have volunteers lined up and en route from more than 7 different countries from around the world, including several from Brazil and Mexico, the UK, Dominican Republic, France, the US and of course Canada. Many more travelers and could-be helpers are still proposing their contributions and additions of energy and skill for the 2018 year, making the coming seasons look very attractive to those who wish to visit and share in the multi-diversity that has become what OUR is today.

Is there something you are passionate about and just want to share with a vibrant multicultural organization like OURs?

Do you have a passion or devoted interest to something special or magical that you want to bring to OUR Zero-Mile Eatery tables?

Now is the time to reach out and get your name on the list for what might be the most exciting year of all time for this region. In OUR 20th year now since opening the gates in 1998, OUR Ecovillage continues to be on forefront of the pioneering and bar-setting non-profits that is part of a movement across the globe, both helping to inspire and ignite the youth and elders who are always dropping in for a visit or more, and also helping to set new standards of thinking, diversification of intellectual aspirations, and modeling new practices in sustainability and ecological living for the regulatory boards and education centres of North America and the world.

We invite you to come by for a self-guided tour of OUR permaculture gardens, to come and stay at OUR Healing Sanctuary, to partake in some of the most unique and progressive natural based course materials and workshops around, or to just drop by for a cup of tea and have some wonderful and inspiring discussions and round-table laughs with some great people!

Maybe you like the way we do things but don’t have the time to jump in fully on team, or just aren’t in the area too much? Please consider dropping us a quick one-time donation through OUR website, or if you see yourself as becoming a long-term supporter of OUR, consider signing up for a small to medium monthly donation and become one of OUR much gratitude deserving Sustainers. You can see these and many other opportunities to get involved as well – just click here!

If you believe you have a talent for greatness or just have an overwhelming urge to start the next leg of your adventure in self-discovery and spiritual and social learnings, please drop us an email to:

We are standing by to personally answer each email and help guide and greet you into the world of permaculture and growing excellence of the ecovillage movement and project for the new world of cooperation and co-creation that has become an icon of OUR work.

We hope to hear from you or meet you soon!

– Noah @ OUR Ecovillage