Give your mother a pond this Christmas

Give your mother a pond this Christmas

December 11, 2011 Protect OUR Ecovillage 0

Speaking personally, the mind-numbing side-effects of Christmas as a consumer product leave me increasingly disconnected and uninterested in participating in the whole thing.

However… there’s more to it. Uh oh… having said that, how can I tell you about this great Xmas gift opportunity without adding to the sensory Xmas overload that you might be experiencing? Well – how can I not?!

I’m looking for meaning in Christmas and gift-giving. If you are too, here’s something I’ve found that might interest you:

With a few clicks of your browser, you can make a tax deductible Christmas donation towards the Protect OUR Ecovillage Campaign. This can be done as a gift to someone else (they receive an email-card stating explaining that you have protected part of OUR Ecovillage in their name), or you might do this simply as an antidote to those nasty, aforementioned side-effects…

When you make your donation, you will find an neat little button (thanks Justin!) that tells you how much land you have protected. Imagine: if one hundred readers each give a $50 gift (to their mothers… ok, or anyone else), that would protect an area the size of the Healing Sanctuary, including the surrounding woods, the labyrinth… and the pond.


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