GMO free Cowichan Valley?

GMO free Cowichan Valley?

Posted on: February 18, 2011

The past couple have days I have felt a heaviness in my heart that I’m not used to. Realizing the fact that it isn’t entirely possible to avoid GMOs in my diet because of pollen drifting and non-organic inputs like manures from GMO fed livestock, left me … well lets just say I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around.

I thought that today what I needed to do was find people who are actually doing something about it. And find them, I did!

Six Member States (Austria, Hungary, France, Greece, Germany and Luxembourg) adopted safeguard measures and prohibited the cultivation of the GM maize MON810 on their territories. Moreover, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary have notified to the Commission the prohibition of the cultivation of the “Amflora” potato. Poland has legislation in place forbidding the marketing of all GM seeds.
EU Business

The first 1,000 GMO-free zones were declared throughout the island of Ireland on 22 April, Earth Day 2005, by farmers, food producers, hotels, restaurants, markets, pubs, retailers, and homes North and South of the border. Hundreds of participants placed GMO-free zone signs outside their place of business. This marks a first step in protecting the right of Irish farmers and consumers to choose safe GMO-free food and farming. – GM Free Ireland

PEI Farmers are taking the lead on GMO-free foods. With the demand for GMO-Free canola in Japan, the number of farmers growing GMO-free canola is increasing. Our provincial government would be wise to take heed of this and see the potential of PEI foodstuffs in Japanese markets. They should be encouraging more farmers to go GMO-free and market our products more to Japan. They are big population and with the Anne connection, we could really do well there I believe. – PEI Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, 2010

The Swiss Federal Council (government) has voted to extend the country’s moratorium on genetically modified (GM) plants for a further three years beyond the current expiry date of November 2010, Dow Jones reports. GM crops banned in Switzerland until 2012.

The extension is to allow time for a national research programme into the benefits and risks of GM crops to be completed and the results assessed. Questions over the biological safety of GM plants and the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops are being addressed. – All About Feed

And of course, our own local Society for a GE Free BC! They are leading projects such as GE Free Kootneys and Yukon. – GE FREE BC

After digging myself out of this pit of despair, I felt a call to action. What about a GMO free O.U.R. Ecovillage? (I know what you are thinking, wouldn’t O.U.R. be GMO free, of all places on the planet?) Well, actually, we aren’t. Though we use permaculture and organic practices to grow our foods, and we buy as much organic as is available, we feed our livestock feed that is not GMO free.

So, I brought it up at the business meeting on Wednesday. My views were well received, and a group, headed by yours truly, instated to take action on finding out how to get GMO free feed in the valley. YAY! Then, of course, Brandy chimed in that she remembered something about a GMO Free Cowichan Valley movement some time ago.

Here is some information I have found, but none seems to be recent. If you are interested in a GMO Free Cowichan Valley (or Vancouver Island!) comment to the blog and we’ll get down to business.

Urban Earth Matters Blog Post
GENET Archive (poor formatting for internet)
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