Breath As Sacred Medicine Retreat April 17+18+19

Breath As Sacred Medicine Retreat April 17+18+19

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Come for Global Holotropic Breathwork Day Saturday April 18th, 2015 or extend into a weekend retreat April 17–19. OUR Ecovillage is an intentional permaculture-based sustainable community providing an inspiring setting for this event ( Participants arriving Friday will be given a tour and presentation on the healing potential of non-ordinary states. Saturday April 18th is a full breathworkshop day in synch with with workshops scheduled around the world–One Breath, One World. It is possible to come just for the Saturday event, but an attractive option is to stay over until Sunday morning for a relaxing gentle sauna.

Learn more about this transformative workshop by visiting the event webpage or Facebook page.

$140 Saturday (1-day) with lunch–dinner $15 extra

$250 Fri/Sat/Sun with meals & dorm without linens

$280 Fri/Sat/Sun with meals & dorm with linens

Private room extra

Event registration is through the website, while food and accommodations can be booked directly through OUR Ecovillage ( or 250.743.3067).


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