I feel encouraged… groundswell growing

I feel encouraged… groundswell growing

December 15, 2011 Brandy 0

Hello to all OUR Friends…..

I feel encouraged.  Since launching the Protect OUR Ecovillage campaign, folks from all over have shared the deep personal connections they feel in their relationship with OUR ECOVILLAGE, and how it is quite unimaginable that it could ever just disappear.  We are determined to not have this happen and are working with a small team….day and night, 7 days a week, to get the word out there.  Anything you can do to help this happen will certainly assist in making the circle stronger.

I am asking that you (and that you pass this on to someone else who might as well) consider creating a gift towards family or friends [not to mention towards the next generation] as a holiday/birthday/other type of contribution which protects multiple square feet of land at OUR ECOVILLAGE.  This gift is a donation and therefore entitles you to a tax receipt for your generosity!

It is deeply hoped that as word goes out we can bring forward the last investors needed to ‘populate’ the new Ethical Investment Mortgage.   Already, two friends have committed to directing their funds or RRSP’s into a new “Syndicated Mortgage” administered by Concentra Financial. (see our fundraising thermometer online)  If you or someone you know is interested in ‘investing ethically’ and seeing your resources used to achieve a vision you believe in,  give us a shout and we can talk it through.  As another supporter wrote about why she’s considering this option, “I would like my RRSP to reflect my desire to protect the land, not be taking from Her.”

One step in creating this ‘Ethical Investment Mortgage’ is to obtain an updated Appraisal for the land and infrastructure of OUR ECOVILLAGE.  The last Appraisal in 2006 showed a very high value and since then there has been 3 new buildings (one very large!) and a great deal of landscaping/agricultural development done.  This puts the Ethical Investment Mortgage in a great position in terms of loan to value….and ensures a very low-risk mortgage.

After the many years of trying to find or create finance models that work best for community projects/ecovillages/shared farms, this comes as a major breakthrough!  OUR team is very pleased to be able to demonstrate the viability of this innovative means for “community to invest in community”.  Please note that both RRSP and other securities/cash investment are possible in this model.

Looking forward to next connections – Brandy

PS –  With a stroke of amazing timing the TV Series Peak Moments have quickly published a show which we had filmed earlier this year.  Please take a moment to watch some of this video, share it with your friends, and give us feedback on how deeply it may touch the core of what you value about OUR ECOVILLAGE – 12 years of work, onsite educational programming, 1000’s of volunteers per year (not to mention the 10,000+ folks who had some type of educational connection with OUR work in 2011).


Spread the Word! Peak Moment Conversation #206, “Awakening the Village Heart and Mind” is online on the Peak Moment website.  We appreciate your spreading the word about your program and Peak Moment TV, and hope you’ll link to or embed the video on your website and any social media sites. Where possible, please use the Peak Moment link  when you share – it helps people learn more about the urgent deadline for OUR ECOVILLAGE of March 1st, 2012.

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Awakening the Village Heart and Mind

“From their zero-mile bistro to zoning and financing innovations, O.U.R. Ecovillage in BC, Canada has paved the way for many communities worldwide. For Brandy Gallagher, the story on the planet right now could be a shared ethos of caring: “Everyone is fed. Everyone is taken care of.” Asserting that “No is just an uneducated Yes,” Brandy shows how a village mindset can transform individuals, preserve land, reduce resource use, apply permaculture principles, change laws, and even the way money works [www.ourecovillage.org].”
(from the Peak Moments website)


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