Initial Thoughts Upon Grounding at OUR Ecovillage

Initial Thoughts Upon Grounding at OUR Ecovillage

August 15, 2013 Uncategorised 0


I have been here now for a week and a half. My first time at OUR Ecovillage was in September of 2012 and I am aware of what a different experience it is this time around. This is not because the place has changed very much, but because my intention is honed and focused. The first time I came as a wandering cyclist, enamored and amazed at the buzzing hive of this intentional community. This time I enter with a specific intention to be a part of the garden team. Specifically, I am stepping into a farm/garden leadership position, meeting the hectic, vibrant, largely un-systematized energy of the garden program. Herein I see an opportunity to share my skills of organization, systematization, and honing with the team and grounds. I find grounding and focusing at OUR to be very important as there is a lot going on here and it is easy to get swept up in the flow of all of the possibilities of interaction.

The schedule is very full, which brings other challenges within grounding at OUR. Whether it is the sacred partnership union I have just stepped into, being on the farm team, sharing in weekly heart councils and informational meetings, taking time for self care and processing, or taking part in the myriad of community offerings here, I am aware again of the challenges and gifts of living within community. Inherent within this opportunity is the beauty and balance of creating relationships and opening and maintaining boundaries within sharing and receiving oneself with others.

The atmosphere at OUR carries epic connotations. The vision here is very large and necessitates growing in communication skills and self care while also being a part of an ever-shifting community of people tied to this vision. I am thankful for the opportunity of growth these great challenges provide, for the people who hold the space over time and for all of the energy passing through with its unique and diverse expressions. OUR Ecovillage offers an opportunity to ground a much needed earth-centered vision within our shifting cultural framework and the opportunity to ground healing and growth within community context.


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