July Building Update

July Building Update

Posted on: July 10, 2018

Building Report By Elke Cole

How do you prepare for plastering? Our team is going through the steps to have the site and materials ready for the plaster workshop with Athena Steen starting Saturday July 14th. 

The Turtle House will be be our main action place and volunteers are doing last steps in getting it ready. Materials are getting moved to the site and a schedule is ready for a super informative weekend and days of hands-on week of plastering. 

It’s not too late to join. Register Here to hone your skills.

For your own project preparation here’s a handy check-list to download

The Tiny house finally has a solid roof. Thanks to Coast Roofing for their support! 

Finally the Eco Action project is about to make a big trench in the housing cluster. Think for a moment about the services that you need in your home: water, sewer, electrical, communication, gas. How big do you think that trench needs to be? We’re going to tell you next month! In the meantime the Pumpshed has been named “Watershed” and will be sculpted during our plaster course.