July Co-Op Board Report

July Co-Op Board Report

July 10, 2018 Uncategorised 0

By Brandy Gallagher

OK….there is something about the ‘density of time’ which is getting so much thicker and richer that I feel it in every bone of my body this year.  Sometimes it weighs on me and sometimes it is the deepest level of support I have ever needed in my life!!  Isn’t that what family and community always feels like?  Great – we are getting there in a whole new way!

It’s amazing how this year is so different for O.U.R. Ecovillage than so many other years.  We have the return of so many of O.U.R. deeply held relationships and also, the letting go of so many hopes for the future; places where we invested huge amounts of energy into people and projects that seem to come and go as quickly as the wind.  Yet – there is something different this year…  We are changing something up big!

Who knows where this will take us?  It is a huge challenge to create world peace on the planet through Intentional Communities and Ecovillages!  This we know and conference with others with around the world.  And yet, humanity has never been called this intensively to ‘wake up’.  The many guest teachers, scientists, community presenters who have been here this year continue to have the same message…..wake up – and put your hand to massive acts of beauty and possibility!

OUR team ‘is in’!

We seem to have unstoppable energy (though some of us are aging noticably!) for living life on purpose and living forward into what is needed.

We still are holding O.U.R. cards close on a major project shift in direction and need to let the end of the summer play out the way it needs to.  What is next is about connection, the sacred and access for all….wait to see what is in store as we should know in about 16 weeks!

Regardless of O.U.R. Ecovillage Cooperative’s plans we also have a connected Non-Profit Charity (O.U.R. Cooperative is Non-Profit too!) which has their own plans and is working on a very large community development project with local public schools which is clearly the next step for O.U.R. shared work.  We have a huge and growing commitment to the next generations and wish to play this forward into what we might do next in the world.  Out of 10K folks connecting through O.U.R. per year……60% + are children and youth.  We realize it is time to serve on a whole new level!

All in all, this year is still very much about planning the connections and the hand over for O.U.R. work to the 20 year Anniversary of O.U.R Ecovillage.  If you have a story you wish to tell, a reflection of why it is important about why this place/project lives or not, or would be willing to be brought in on O.U.R. Digital Storytelling project – please let us know.  I am working on collecting stories and circumstances and weaving this forward for O.U.R. 20th Anniversary!

Looking forward – Brandy