July Wellness Update

July Wellness Update

July 10, 2018 Uncategorised 0

by Gracelynn Lau

Summer is the time of creativity, action and growth, reminding us the innocence and playfulness of the children. At the last Wellness Saturday systemic constellation workshop we dived into finding the voice and the qualities of the child within us all. Jan Hull and her constellation team took us into a wild journey, skillfully teasing out some of the key elements in the collective – “Joy/Freedom”, “Acute Reflection”, “Divine/Beauty”, “Self Critic”, “Family Critic”, “Corporate World Critic”, “Epic distraction and confusion”, “Community support”, “Fear”, “Courage” and more. Participants in the workshop intuitively chose one of these elements to represent. Each one of us in the circle was guided in the somatic process, allowing the Morphic Field to inform us what need to be unfolded. One of the key messages that came through in the workshop is that belonging doesn’t have to be so complicated, that we all belong naturally, each one has a place, including the “Critics” in the family; in society and within ourselves. OUR Sustainable Wellness team will bring in an advance systematic constellation 1 day workshop on August 17 9am-5pm. Interested to know more this powerful healing modality that focus on ancestral, cross-generational healing? Registration is available soon

Wellness Saturday – July 21 – Lifestyle Redesign and Drum Circle 

Our team is so excited to have Bree & Brad Rudner, founder of EcoHuman Health to be our guest teachers for July Wellness Saturday. As a qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and board certified Holistic Health Practitioner respectively, the Rudner’s is passionate to expand wellness beyond the kitchen and the gym. At this one day workshop, they will guide you to create a daily wellness routine that keeps your day vibrant, grounded and energized. From morning practice, to meal planning, to rejuvenating by being in nature, you can be a designer for your own integral health and wellness.  Register Here

Paula Nelson-Maddison, talented kitchen magician in cheese making from Gabriola Island, is designing a weekend slow-food retreat with workshops all about local, chemical free gourmet food. If you are looking for hands-on learning on how to make Chevre , butter, boursin, Neufchâtel, sour cream and cream cheese, and learn how to pair cheese with wines and desert, don’t miss this chance. The retreat will be in Oct and Nov. Registration will be open in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!