Legacy Planning

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As much as death and your own funeral can be a topic of some taboo in our society, it is important to realize that making pre-arrangements for funerals or other end-of-life ceremonies allows you to ensure that all of your wishes are carried out exactly as you desire them to be. Having made arrangements for the time following your passing also alleviates pressure and indecision from friends and family during an already challenging time. At the OUR Commemorative Conservation Scattering Grounds, we are able to work with both those who are pre-planning and those who find themselves needing immediate planning and assistance.

As you look towards your end of life planning, it is often valuable to use this time to discusses your wishes with close friends and family members. It may be an opportunity to share why you are choosing green burial, for example, or to reassure family members that you don’t require a permanent headstone or grave marking to feel settled in your final resting place. It is also a valuable time to ask and answer questions of each other as you prepare for this time of transition together.

At this time, you may also chose to appoint a close family member or trusted friend to help make arrangements and ensure your wishes are carried out when the time comes.

During the course of your planning, it is important to decide on the type of funeral or service you would like to have. Here at OUR, we offer facility-use options for an end-of-life ceremony, and are also available to provide catering and meal service. Please click <here> for more details. If you are planning a scattering here at OUR, you may also pre-select the food or forest tree you would like to have planted in your honor. Please click <here> for a full listing of available trees.

(c) flickr.com / Bill Westermayer

(c) flickr.com / Bill Westermayer

Remember that there are a number of ways in which an end-of-life celebration or memorial can take place, and you can even have multiple events in different locations. While you don’t need to plan every last detail out at this time, it is important to write down anything that is especially important to you, or anything that you specifically want to avoid. If nothing else, these guidelines will aid your loved ones in carrying out your wishes.

Regardless of what your choices are, some of the things to consider deciding on as you pre-plan end-of-life arrangements include handling and transport of the body; cremation or burial preparation; interment or scattering location; and any memorial plans you may wish to have.

Some of the things the Livestrong Foundation suggests you note are:

  •    The type of service you want,
  •    where you want the service to be held,
  •    names of people you want contacted about the service,
  •    names of people you would like to participate in the service,
  •    preferences about flowers, music, and donations,
  •    specific personal, cultural, and spiritual considerations.

If you are choosing to have your ashes scattered here at OUR, it may be worthwhile researching and selecting a crematorium and casket/urn maker at this time. This helps to ensure that any additional regulations are met, without requiring your friends and families to conduct additional research at a challenging time. Some local and national resources may be found here.

In many cases, pre-paying for funerary services guarantees a ‘locked-in’ cost, which may represent a savings as compared to the time of your passing,  and also eases some of the potential burdens on your family members at the time of death. At OUR, we welcome scattering rights contributions at any time, and issue a Scattering Rights certificate at the time of donation to be utilized brandy huggingas required. For details regarding scattering rights and their minimum donations, as well as about any other fees, please visit our legacy planning page. While some minor unexpected costs may come up at the time of the scattering, discussing or thinking about the major financial considerations as you make your plans can help to alleviate stress from both you and your loved ones.

Further information and a detailed list of questions to ask yourself as you make these end-of-life decisions can be found here.

Please contact us if you have any questions about pre-planning at OUR Commemorative Scattering Grounds, and visit our Resources page for some additional links that may be useful.