Let’s Get Wild! Dialogue with Mother Earth – CSA Week #8

This week I invite you to begin a dialogue with Mother Earth. The practice of speaking out loud to the Earth has really transformed how I relate to her. Every morning, the moment I step outside, I say hello to her.

Throughout my day, as often as I can remember, I tell her I love her, I thank her for all she has given me. I know that she hears me when I speak to her, I can feel it in my heart. The more I have been doing this practice, the more love I feel circulating between us.

Being in communication with the Earth makes me feel so safe, so held, so loved. My relationship with the Earth is very sacred to me, and speaking aloud to her opens up a channel for a deeper connection to emerge. I hope this practice offers you an opportunity to dive deeper into how you relate with Mother Earth.

Kira Gillingwater, Instagram: @swamp.daughter