Lunchtime conversation…

Lunchtime conversation…

Posted on: November 27, 2010

Marisa Jackson chef extraordinaire chez O.U.R. EcovillageThis is Marisa. She is our in house chef extraordinaire who cooks lunch and dinner five days per week in the little kitchen of Taj 2. The little kitchen in Taj 2 is also we all eat together (for the most part.) Right now there are between 16 and 20 people living here full time, spanning 2 and 1/2 generations: those under 10, those under 35 and the ones who could have had the ones under 35.  It’s like a big family when we sit down to a meal together!

Today at lunch, somehow, it was just the under 35s.

And so the conversation rolled around through all of the topics that don’t seem to come up when there are little people (or big people for that matter…) around.  Where it is appropriate for us to jump into the conversation is right between where those present were discussing the propensity for males to endulge in paintball and what it would be like to get rid of all of the plastic in the world.

The question arose… “what would we use instead [to make the paintballs]? Yarn?”
“That would be a waste of yarn.” Piped up Meg.

“Glass… wood… metal…” The conversation was hopefully switching to what we would do without plastic in general…

The statement was made… “The capitalist model of consumerism wouldn’t survive.”

Hmmm. Its true.  If plastic suddenly became completely banned, out moded, out of style… whatever, things would be mighty different. Imagine a mirror made of glass? It wouldn’t have that warped spot in the middle… what a concept! And the slowness of our plastic free world got me thinking about Buy Nothing Day and Black Friday. Which led me to post this …

Since the making of this film in 2007 there have been several others introduced: The Story of Bottled Water (2010), The Story of Cap & Trade (2009), The Story of Cosmetics (2010), The Story of Electronics (2010)

Where do you draw the line for consumption in your life?


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