Movie Monday: And we’re back…

Movie Monday: And we’re back…

Posted on: February 14, 2011

Well, here I am a whole Monday later, back from my body imposed break. Last Monday after feverishly posting the Dr. Oz vids then slumping back in my seat, I quickly found myself on the couch in the kitchen with kidney pain that wouldn’t quit. And, Great Mother, if it didn’t last 5 days! 5 DAYS!

I have to say that I didn’t know the power of love before that day.

As I broke down crying on the couch, everyone in the kitchen, and I mean everyone, because we were about to circle up, either came over to me, or covered me with a place-mat (Fiamma) or gave me some body work (Patrick), or kissed my leg (Fiamma again) or pet my leg (all children) or brought me a hot water bottle, or built me a fire (in the stove) (Marius) or asked me what she could make me to eat (Marisa, since it was looking at the beautiful dinner she made that sent me over the edge in pain) or loved me to tiny pieces, fill in names of all community members.

Granted, it still hurt, but holy cow the next five days was a stream of quiet, caring villagers coming by my room in the Sanctuary a few times a day, refilling hot water bottles, listening to me jabber on about my intuitive revelations received while plastered to my bed, holding my sweaty little hand, bringing me food… you name it. Then, on top of it I still got all the love from my far away family (thanks to the magic of facebook)

Sigh. It’s pretty crazy to be loved that much.

Here’s a pretty little video for ya, I don’t know what he’s saying but… Aw! (Thanks Alexis)

Conveniently timed for Valentines day too… Hope yours was full of love, kindness and caring! Love you all!


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