Movie Monday: Awakening the Dreamer

Movie Monday: Awakening the Dreamer

Posted on: January 31, 2011

This summer I had the privilege of partaking in a symposium called Awakening the Dreamer. It was a life changing experience that held me tightly in the pain of the planet while simultaneously giving me hope and an unthwartable ability to take action and move forward, without fear and anger. I consider this a rather tall order since most messages I have heard have only done one, or the other.

The Awakening the Dreamer concept came from the Pachamama Alliance which was initiated by of the Achwar people in Ecuador. The dream that came to them was that the time had come for the eagle and condor flying together. Their mission is to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet – words that immediately resonated deep within my being! And so… I took the facilitator training at the Ojai Foundation this past summer – in combination with Joanna Macy and The Work that Reconnects. Powerful stuff.

And then…. today a woman I took the training with showed up at the O.U.R. and suddenly, the thought occured to me. What about doing one here?? (Stay tuned in late February for a date!) And in the mean time, check out this video for a succinct tour of the work…

and this trailer to find out more about the symposium…


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