Movie Monday: Dr. Oz on GMOs

Movie Monday: Dr. Oz on GMOs

Posted on: February 7, 2011

In my search to find a fairly basic overview of GMOs I have come to the conclusion that there is no unbiased information about GMO safety. I came to this conclusion in two basic ways: one, resources either focus on for or against GMOs, there is no governing body that is in between; and two, I watched these video clips from the Dr. Oz show.

So go ahead… watch these, then let’s talk…

Are genetically engineered foods safe? Part 1

Are genetically engineered foods safe? Part 2

Are genetically engineered foods safe? Part 3
What came across loud and clear for me, besides that Dr. Oz had already made up his mind before he started the show, was that scientists base their understanding on scientists, and that non-scientists are willing to look at more than just double blind studies and proven theories. Because of this, the scientists are trying to discredit the non-scientists because they include other experiences (such as non double blind studies, feelings and intuition in their research) in the support for their opinions. Will the two ever meet? Is it possible to satisfy both sides when so many factors could effect the outcome of a study?

With this in mind, I realize that I have to be honest about my own intuitive sense of the situation, because it is leading me to be biased in my research. Intuitively, I feel that introducing GMOs into our foodstreams is playing with fire. I feel this way mostly because labeling is illegal – why not give people the choice if it doesn’t matter whether or not GMOs are consumed? And also because I am scepticle of the science model… Someone comes up with a theory and then tries to prove it, which generally means discounting any evidence counter to the desired outcome of the experiment.

Over all, I’m kind of surprised that the scientist subjected herself to such a rigorous beating on public tv. Oz kind of made her look like an idiot… I really want to know how this information lands for you! Please share any thoughts or resources you have so everyone reading this can gather as complete a picture as we can create together.


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