My new best friend……..

My new best friend……..

June 16, 2011 Uncategorised 0

One thing has always been a bit hard for me here at the village. I sit in the office, fingers to the keyboard and watch as the coolest people come in and out to learn how to build beautiful natural houses and grow fabulous organic permaculture based gardens. I see Mike hanging out with his interns at check-in, all of them bonding and looking cool. And I wished that I could have an intern.  I don’t need 7 of them or anything.  No, just one… one would have been plenty.  Just someone to bounce ideas off of… maybe boss around a little? (I am a little jealous of Kate too…) I mentioned this in passing a few times, that it would be pretty nifty if just one of these cool people that came was here to play with me in the office.

Well.  My very own intern arrived today!  And she’s super cool. Cindy Huchison hails from Westlock, Alberta and caught the west coast bug in 2010. She has worked in marketing for Columbia Sportswear, Sorel and helped out Om Town Studios in Nanaimo. We are fortunate that she is keen to move on-site and dig deep into community, taking us places we haven’t been before!  Look for new Youtube vids on our channel and some blog posts!

While I’m super stoked to have her by my side, she does get away from her desk once in a while. While she’s not taking photos around site, she loves to do yoga and spend time dipping her feet in the ocean be it surfing or just spending time on the waterfront.  Turns out she likes singing her lungs out in her car with the windows rolled up… but no one knows that. (Karaoke anyone?)

Welcome home Cindy!  We’re glad to have you!


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