November Building Update

November Building Update

Posted on: November 14, 2018

By Elke Cole

It takes the right people to do the job. And here it takes the right leader to guide the volunteers.

When it comes to working around the grounds of OUR Ecovillage Bernie George is the guy Bernie has a long-standing relationship with us and knows the land and all it’s spaces. 

In the summer you’ll find him running a weed cutter all around the landscapes and caringly tending the beauty of OUR lands. He gives special care to the labyrinth and the pathways that link buildings and people as these are the original projects he began with on the very first training project he was hired to do at OUR with more than a decade ago.   

The building team has received many sacks of chopped straw thanks to Bernie and every so often he gets called on to do some tree trimming or falling.  Every time volunteers work with Bernie they come back with an experience beyond the doing just the work. There’s something in the way Bernie teaches and in the way he does things that opens their eyes to another world. He carries stories from the Cowichan traditions and explains plants and how they are used for medicine.

In our preparation for the utilities trench a critical element was to install a fence that keeps the farm animals out of the area. We identified the best path running from one fenceline on the West boundary to pond and on to the south fence line.

Bernie took volunteers Amy and Jordan into the forest along with wire, fence posts and the necessary tools and a couple of days later we had our fence. Along the way we had a taste of licorice fern…in true Bernie fashion.

Looking ahead: we’re finally digging the trench. We’ve scheduled it for the weekend and there’s lots to do in following that. Stay tuned to our Facebook for photos.