November Co-Op Report; A Season of Letting Go

November Co-Op Report; A Season of Letting Go

Posted on: November 14, 2018

By Brandy Gallagher

First off — a correction that needs to be made: A few people read last month’s “Legacy to Bill”, the former owner of the lands, in OUR Ecovillage report and interpreted that he had passed…my apologies!  Bill is still wonderfully alive, home from acute care at the hospital and trying another treatment. Many years ago Bill elected to co-create OUR Green Burial Project and in so many ways he will always be with these lands which he tended and put his hand to in such a loving way – AND for now is still an Elder for OUR Community and respected for all the spunk and vitality he has somehow re-invigorated!  Though Bill did sit at the doorway to the end of his life; he HAS rallied and will not be letting go in any immediate sense at this time. Again; apologies for any confusion and with gratitude that we continue to be able to love this amazing man and walk with him for more days!


Other lettings go certainly include the many ways in which the land and ecosystem of OUR ECOVILLAGE are shifting into the season.  Gardens are being put to bed in a fully loving way, tender care is being given to the wood piles and no waste occurs as attempts towards Zero Waste for all food harvesting/preserving continues.  It is certainly spectacular to bring together a Permaculture cycle of interconnected food, friends, possibility and new projects — and yet we say goodbye to the land for this year with full larders, full freezers, full planning for next year, full bellies, and still wanting MORE firewood for this winter (if anyone knows of a logging truck or trees we might utilize we would appreciate this as we have little to no dry wood for this winter season for the first time in 20 years!)


It is OUR hope to settle into the winter by reading, writing, playing many card/board games, and writing programs for 2019; but also re-writing OUR legal docs and Leases (yet again).  We have community partners and funders wanting to work with the precedent setting framework of legal/regulatory work with OUR Ecovillage has done for Canada; and we are now able to step forward further and model the structure, precedent, and new affordable housing modelling which we have made available from a long (and sometimes pretty hard) level of work!  As these partnerships unfold we look forward to sharing news of final processes and more details on the changes happening in OUR ECOVILLAGE yet again — we are on to the next chapter!