O.U.R 20th Anniversary Special: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) for Kids and Families and OUR “Little Permie” summer camp!

O.U.R 20th Anniversary Special: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) for Kids and Families and OUR “Little Permie” summer camp!

Posted on: April 23, 2019

By Gracelynn Lau

End of April looks very different to O.U.R education team this year! Usually, at this time of the year, we’ll be busy preparing for 50+ people walking down the driveway to join the yearly PDC and getting ready for May Pole dance ritual with Starhawk on May 1. But this year our team decided to move the PDC to late June and July (end of the public school year!), in the hope that more kids and families can join us for this 16 days live-in permaculture learning immersion and festival!

O.U.R facilitation team recognizes that there are very few family-friendly PDC’s that allow for parents to take the 72 hours intensive PDC curriculum, while children and teens attend summer camp to learn permaculture alongside the adult’s PDC course. We ask ourselves, “how can we ‘go village’ if we can’t make space for our children and families to learn regenerative practice and permaculture design thinking together?” In the past few months, we have been redesigning the curriculum with Starhawk and Charles William (main facilitators of the PDC!) to make it an all-inclusive permaculture learning experience for 3+ to 70+ years old! Over 2 weeks, “the Little Permie” and “the Adult Permie” will learn the same topics, practical principles and guiding design methods; there will be many practical hands-on workstations suitable for various skills and ages level. The daily schedule is specially designed to suit kids nap time and adults design group project. In the evening there will be optional sessions for learners who want to deepen special topics discussion and research.

A diverse team of local and international guest teachers, including Gord Baird co-creator of the award-winning Eco-Sense (Victoria), Mark Lakeman from City Repair Project (Portland) and Jescar Mbuche from Magarini Children’s Centre (Kenya), will be facilitating various subjects throughout this course. One of our keynote guest teacher this year is Looby Macnamara, author of People and Permaculture, who will facilitate the topics on social permaculture and cultural emergency with Starhawk.

This family-friendly PDC is fully certified by the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA), which is perfect for parents who are looking for professional development in ecological design while planning a summer vacation with their children.

Another highlight of O.U.R 20th anniversary PDC is that it is also the kick-start of our pilot international “Village to Village” project. 6 teachers from Magarini Children’s Centre in Kenya will attend the PDC and return to Kenya in late July and start teaching permaculture to 200 children. Meanwhile, O.U.R long-term teacher Brandon Bauer and Elke Cole will facilitate a 6 to 10 weeks Advance Permaculture Practicum in Kenya, building the food forest, cob classroom and smoke-free cob kitchen at Magarini Children’s Centre. If you are seeking international permaculture experience, make sure you won’t miss out (click this link for more info!)