O.U.R. Farm Report February 2013

O.U.R. Farm Report February 2013

February 26, 2013 Farm Report 0

At this time of season its seems like there is a great build up, a cosmic sneeze of sorts, and we are now experiencing the AH before the CHOO. This winter has been a great time of reflection, connection and expanding awareness of the beauty felt all around, especially obvious at OUR Ecovillage. The winter months have been quiet but full of possibilities, dreams and crafting. As the moon waxes for the last time this winter, and the maples slow down their flow of saps, the Earth is awakening to another spring. Another dance around the sun, another chance to thrive.

As the ruminating or composting time of year comes to an end I am reminded of the magic of decomposition. Winter is a time for the death of the active and vibrant nature of summer, leading into the condensation of fall and followed by the decomposition period of winter. A welcome time to slow down and practice introspection; to look within and see the macro within the micro. This is simply one part of the cycle, and an obviously crucial one that allows for the dynamic growth on the coming spring.

A couple of weeks ago a group of youth from Canada World Youth stayed and assisted with some one site tasks, one of which was barn cleaning. The folks present had a great time cleaning out the offering left by OUR sheep, goat and cow but best of all our compost heaps loved it. As we pitched the poo and hucked the hay, we were enacting an ancient process and allowing for the magic of metabolism. We were in essence creating the favorable conditions for terrestrial life to thrive and assist us humans in doing the same as we close the loop of our food system. After mounding the manure soaked bedding, we piled in a composting bin cobbled together with salvaged pallets. Later, I tracked pile the temperature rising to 60 degrees Celsius within 2 days! It seems that no matter how grey, cloudy and cold it is outside the myriad creatures that love to decompose take no rest and always are ready to heat things up.

The agriculture team has been delighting in watching our shared cow Bossy grow as her pregnancy continues, and seeing how well beets and carrots overwinter in the ground. The season is just on the precipice of the present moment, awaiting the seasonal shift as the day length increases and the spring vigor approaches. Seeds are being stocked, interns are being interviewed, plans are being made and the design process continues for yet another marvelous year with the OUR agricultural team. We look forward to a year of furthering the relationship of people at OUR with the the global community, the land, animals, plants, bacteria, funigi, and other life forms that make up the gorgeous tapestry we see woven amongst this Earth.

Submitted by: Ini – Lead Farmer O.U.R. Ecovillage


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