O.U.R newest addition…

O.U.R newest addition…

Posted on: November 26, 2010

Oct 2010 Work Party: LisaThis is Lisa.

She moved on site a couple of weeks ago and officially received a YMCA Youth Eco Internship at O.U.R. Ecovillage yesterday.  Hers is the fancy title of “Ecological and Community Conservation Project Assistant”. Heavy words for such skinny slim shoulders, but with her evident strength to weight ratio of bamboo, I’m confident that she can pull it off (she made me say that).

Basically, the big exciting title just means that she is here to help ensure that everything runs smoothly with the Protect OUR Ecovillage Forever campaign. As part of the office team, she will be working a lot with yours truly, the blog …

“Ahem… shouldn’t that be capitalized?”
” okay, Blog, feel better?”
“yes, actually.”

with the Blog. She’s the ‘hired hands’ so to speak. But have no fear my loyal fans, I’ll still be the brains behind the operation. Seems that I wasn’t able to handle it alone…

“This really isn’t the time for a pity party, Blog.”

“Ahem… “ And I guess she’ll be doing other minor things like campaign mail outs, creating the monthly newsletter, helping to coordinate website updates, maintaining OUR Flickr Community (thousands of photos on the way!) and other social networking type things like Twitter and Facebook. Most importantly though, it’s going to be all about me… well maybe not all, I should get more attention anyway.

Over all, Lisa has some pretty lofty goals about my function here at the Ecovillage; she’s looking to recruit some contributors and get some community participation happening.  She mentioned something about “comments” or it being “my neck”… so ya, click that comments link at the bottom there and let her know what you think!  Even better… see that there megaphone looking button on the menu bar that says RSS? Click that one … ya, the more people who click that, the more attention I get.

Oh. And lets not forget the campaign.  Click here to help Protect OUR Ecovillage Forever.

Photo: contributed by Erica Breau


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