Office Space II

Office Space II

June 20, 2011 Community 0

The moment has arrived!!!! O.U.R. long awaited Community Commons space, which will be apart of the Living Building Challenge, is on it’s way and to kick it all off the demolition of our previous office space, aka Office Space I,  is almost complete.

So to fill the void of non-existent offices and house our amazing team of administrators, we have brought in Office Space II.

A superb and slightly snug ATCO trailer. Equip with all the fine amenities such as windows, doors, and a sturdy and reliable step system to get in and out of. This baby is the perfect place to temporarily call home as we look forward to O.U.R. beautiful new Community Commons Space! So please, make sure you pop in ( although not too many at once… I wasn’t lying when I said it was snug) and say hello, bonjour, Ya’at’eeh or insert choice greeting.

In the same vein, and one that will lead to some very exciting posts to come,  we have unearthed some of O.U.R. memories during this historic move. Numerous photo albums have been found which have taken a few residents down memory lane.   Many of the photos date back to a time when deep laugh lines were just starting to form, dreams hadn’t quite reached fruition and O.U.R. Ecovillage was still in its sweet beginnings. We are working at uploading and archiving these gems so that we can reminisce of brilliant times together and reconnect with all of you who have touched O.U.R. hearts over the years!  So here is to the path that has lead us here and the endless creation that lays before us!


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