OUR 2012 Staff Training

OUR 2012 Staff Training

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Every year at the beginning of the season, we gather for a few days to get to know new team members and create the container of incredible teamwork and dedication required to host the summer’s programs and events. Here’s a peek into the experience by DanaBird.

After a jam-packed 2 days of staff training, I think we can all agree that this is going to be a very interesting and enjoyable season. New friendships were forged between different teams who don’t often cross paths. The majority of the necessary logistical information was covered – with many laughs in between. Marisa dominated while everyone was learning how to play a favorite game here at O.U.R, “ninja”, which has become an important facet in the training of O.U.R employees. Furthermore, we were all able to share our aspirations (both personal and professional) while working together in such an amazing place of growth, transformation and community.

Marisa and Kate browncoating

At the end of the second day, everyone participated in a very messy project as we worked collectively to “brown-coat” the eatery. Before our guests and interns start to arrive in May, we are planning on having our commercial kitchen up and running. The building team has a fairly intense deadline looming, so it was nice to finish an otherwise lengthy and meticulous task in a period of a few hours – with many helping hands. The sun was shining, the clay and other natural mixtures were churning and the music was blaring. The only accidents simply added to the fun of community – such as the clumsy dropping of wet, earthen mixtures onto the heads of the busy worker’s below. Perhaps some of these messes were not as clumsy or accidental as others, as illustrated by Chester the dog.

Chester giving moral support

Ensuring the next generation is ninja-ready!

Now that the staff training is complete, we are all patiently waiting and working in preparation for a busy summer schedule. There is still lots to be taken care of before we can facilitate some of the large groups who plan to visit – but we’re on top of it! Through a sense of community, we are all working together to achieve these important goals. Some of the deadlines may be somewhat stressful, but we’ve learned that the best way to cope with this heaviness is to jump backward…(literally)…and have a quick game of ninja! Let’s not forget, we all want to have SOME fun along this journey!


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