OUR Builders Report August 2013

OUR Builders Report August 2013

August 6, 2013 Builders Report 0

our-building-team-2013-400Another crazy fast past month gone by and the summer internships near a close, how sweet the summer heat treats the cob walls. What seemed like for ever to accomplish the stem wall is carrying over to the mass of cob the interns apply to turtle house walls on the daily. Progress was slow and steady, especially with foot mixed cob one batch at a time one tarp fold at a time, although fun playing in the mud the foot dance of cob is, production pace could not be achieved. Enter in bobcob or cobcat and mountains of cob , mud breakdancing machines and noisy dirty diesel exhaust, ramps productivity to an all new level.

The Turtle house timber frame is complete and after 3 days of exhilirating community effort hand raising the structure is in place for an en-equal pitch hip roof. A pretty simple frame of dry fir 6 and 8 by sizes with aesthetic and purposeful round pole from whose center the stairs will spiral. Learning on the frame was fun with folks getting to plug in and try their hand tools skills on both tennon and mortise joinery. Really impressive to see new folks to the craft apply themselves and take owner ship of their joints and produce the results we did. Also impressive to see the enthusiasm for hand tool use, sawing and chiseling are no easy feats and all who participated got er done.

The turtle house has buyers and just in time to start imputting personal touches in design and expression and its so amazing to see this come in at just the right time to implement niches, shelves and imbedded glass. Taken there freedom of expression to the max new windows and roof designs are being spun, and the house once again is taking on a whole new direction. Excited are all who now get play in the mud and get the walls to heights where glass is starting to playfully exhibit light dances within the living spaces of the turtle house.

Submitted by Rob, OUR Building Team


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