OUR Builders Report December 2013

OUR Builders Report December 2013

December 5, 2013 Builders Report 0

Wow! It’s December already. At mealtime were down to eight or so. We have been pushing to get our “Zero Mile Eatery” ready for the Advent Feast December 7th. The ceiling and the stage has been drywalled, insulated, mudded and clay painted. There was also another coat of lime wash on all the cob walls. A recycled wood stove has been installed and keeps the place warm. Window and door trim has also been installed.

HPIM1334-eatery-400Our last remaining intern Lynette has left for the holidays but will be returning early in the new year. Jake is here for 3 weeks helping out and getting a feel for the village. She is an artist from Calgary and her help is much appreciated.

Chad and I took a run to BROCK WHITE in Colwood to pick up two trailer loads of styrofoam. Thank you B.W.  The Builders Barn (where we store building materials) is in the process of getting rearranged and ready for more donated materials. Sohrab and crew got a fire going in the space between Taj and the barn. It is an area where things seem to accumulate. We had a chop saw going for cutting up firewood and plywood and non combustibles were hauled to recycle. Everything burnable went into the fire. It felt very cleansing and the cleaned up area looked beautiful. I wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday.

Patrick Hennebery – OUR Building Team


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